Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well, I suppose. My alarm clock didn’t work. I’m not going to depend on Window’s desktop apps anymore. The alarm clock is unreliable. I’m not sure what happened to my computer, but the app on there isn’t even working the same. I love it, though. Maybe I should delete and reinstall, but who has time for that? I’m just going to use my regular clock.

When I got home, I read a bit of my Playboy Magazine and I meditated for 20 minutes. So now I’m meditating for 40 minutes a day–20 minutes when I wake up and 20 minutes before bed. I was recently motivated to do the extra 20 by a video I watched when looking up Ray Dialos. I woke up way later than I intended to, by the way, so I really didn’t have time to exercise.

After I meditated in the morning, I sent that girl a text asking what neighborhood she lived in. A part of me felt like I shouldn’t have sent a text at all, but another part of me said to not think about doing the wrong thing so much; just be natural, and don’t worry. I asked because I was thinking of finding a good place to hang out with her. She never responded, though. Maybe she will respond later, today. I wont send her another text unless it’s about meeting up and hanging out rather she responds or doesn’t respond, I’ll still send it, so that’ll be about a week from now.

I totally miscalculated my pay day. I thought I was getting paid Friday, but I’m not getting paid until Monday. I’m really too low on cash to do anything. I bought some things off Amazon two days in a row. I paid rent, recently. So, I can’t do anything with her this weekend.

I am supposed to do a paid photoshoot with a girl this coming Monday. A part of me wants to cancel it. I’m not sure why. I am thinking about it. I’ll more than likely just pay her and do the shoot.

So yesterday, after I text that girl, oh, wait. I always browsed the dating site when I got home and I sent a very small 3 worded message to one girl. I’m still going to approach a lot of girls. I’m done being excited about that one girl. I have to keep looking.

Yeah, so yesterday, after I meditated, I went right into cooking my shrimp curry. It took me a while. I didn’t have time to make the rice with it and such, so I just ate a bit of it with quinoa. It was so delicious.

After that, I took a cold shower and I went to work.

Take Care !


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