Fuck it. Just do it !

Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well, and so have all the other days of my absence. Let’s see. So, Friday I decided to take a break from going out and just have some contemplation and rest. I stayed home, and I think I cleaned up a bit. I watched some TV shows, and I slept more. I had planned on doing a photoshoot with my friend, Nikki on Saturday, so I prepared a bit for that. I did a sketch of her from a photo of her I got off her facebook.

On Saturday morning I was on my way to shoot with my friend, Nikki, but she texted me and cancelled saying her mother wanted her to do something with her Grandmother. She wanted to send her sister as a replacement or shoot on Sunday, but I just told her that we’ll do it another time. We will.

So I thought of what else I could do with my time. I figured that I can finally go to that mall and approach girls, so I headed to that mall. I told myself to approach at least one girl. I did laps around the mall. I didn’t see many that I liked. There was this one blonde lady who came and sat next to me when I decided to sit somewhere. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw her keep turning her head towards me. I felt weird about being at the mall. I didn’t want to look her way full on. When I finally did, she looked and smiled. I smiled and looked away like a coward. Then her friend came and she got up to greet her.

I did some shopping at Trader Joe’s. Then, I decided that it was time to go home to get ready to go to the reggae party. I got off the train at the stop that I needed to get off. I noticed this one blonde girl walking towards me. From a distance, she looked kind of weird, but when I got close, I thought that she was so beautiful–so sexy. I looked and walked a bit, and I turned my head to look back at her. I was either just amazed by her or thinking to go and approach. I think it was a little bit of both. I got to the top of the stairs, but just before I exited the train station, I stopped. I told myself that if I count to ten and all, and she’s still there for me to approach, then I will do it.

I counted:


and then I walked to catch up to her. She was sitting, isolated and lone. I walked up to her and I said something along the lines of:

Excuse me,

I noticed you when you walked pass me a few minutes ago. I had to think about it for a second…but I just had to come back and tell you that I think you’re beautiful.

She blushed and laughed saying, “Oh my God !” and then she stood up and started talking to me a lot mainly about her tattoo she just got a few days ago of a wolf and about how much she loves wolves. She had a heavy accent. I didn’t get the chance to ask her where she is from because we were talking about other things.

Her: Is that an American accent? Where are you from? You can tell I’m not from here, right? I know I have a heavy accent. Where do you think I am from?

Me: Well, I have to say something. I know you’re not Asian, but your accent sounds so Japanese like.

We laughed and talked about that and other things–not completely answering each other’s questions. And she was wearing sunglasses. I wanted, so badly to ask her to take them off. Now I just remember her very beautiful body, hair, face, and voice. I feel like I am missing the most important thing–the eyes. Her train arrived, so I quickly got her phone number and we shook hands and finally told each other our names. She has to be Eastern European based off the accent and the name, alone. Maybe she’s Russian or Czechoslovakian.

I am so deeply attracted to this girl. I am claiming her.She’s mine ! That’s my girlfriend ! Dear nature, Abracadabra ! I have been thinking about her since we met–more sexually and romantically than I have thought of any other girl I have met in a long while. Even while I was at the party, I hardly felt like doing photos. I didn’t feel like getting any more numbers. I have to claim this girl.

I sent her a text with my name and stuff, so that she could have my number. She responded a few hours later asking me some question I didn’t understand(Yes ! It’s the right number !) I replied the following day in the afternoon. She replied a few hours later saying she’s watching a Disney movie, and about how much she loves Disney movies. So yeah, we have been texting. I have to claim this girl. This is my girlfriend. It is !

In the meanwhile, the reggae party was cool, Michelle, the girl I met a week ago has been texting me as well. I had finally sent her my first text, before I ran into the new Russian girl. She seemed excited, and we have been texting each other a lot as well. She say’s she’s only looking for friends, but she calls me “boo” in her text. It means baby/sweetheart or something like that. We’ve added each other to facebook, too. So I’m glad we’re friends. I have the friend I need at this point, and I appreciate, that. She showed me a photo someone posted of us when we had first met. We were at a party, and the party photographer wanted a photo of me. I let him take one, and I grabbed some random girl and she accepted, and we started talking and became friends ever since.

Anyways, yesterday went by well. I exercised in the park and cooked my lunch and dinner for work. I sent a text or two to my girlfriend, and I thought about my girlfriend : )

That’s all. Take care !


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