Dear Journal,

How are you? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I slept for 8 hours instead of 6. I was tired and I needed rest, so I didn’t make it to that one neighborhood to practice picking up girls like I had planned. I guess it’s good for me to listen to my body. I needed rest, and I let myself have it. It didn’t affect all other plans. I woke up and had cereal with strawberries and spices and a cup of tea. I think I…oh no, wait. I woke up after 6 hours and then I ate that cereal and went back to sleep for another two because I was tired. Maybe I was tired because I opted for tea instead of coffee. When I woke up the second time, I went right to cooking my beautiful meals. They were easy to make this time. Now I don’t have to cook for a few days.

After I got done cooking, I went to the park and exercised, and I also meditated there. I came home and did a cold shower, and I left for work. I wanted to do photos today, but I didn’t have time. I took photos on the bus, though. I was the only one on it, so I just got creative. When I got to work, I found the time to study wordpress.


I didn’t make the time to send a message to any girl on that dating website; I was legitimately busy. I had a weird dream about a girl I had went to elementary and high school with. The dream was so random. We were at a party or something. She was sitting on my lap and I was having fun, snuggling with her and such and saying how much we like each other. She just stayed sitting on my lap and flirting. I was nodding out and she kept looking back at me to see if I was falling asleep. Then I woke up. So, because of that dream, I was going to send her a message on facebook, saying “Hi” :), but I just liked a post and a photo of her, instead– same thing.

I hope that that girl and I really hang out and remain friends. It’s OK, if we’re not dating. I could really use a wing girl from time to time.

Other than what I wrote above there’s nothing really going on.

Take care !



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