Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Last night’s parties were great. I did the same thing–went out without liquor for a bit and then I gave in and drank hard. I stopped by my friend’s party, first. Oh wait, I had one beer outside while sitting on a porch outside of a banking district. Amazingly, there were a lot of people, besides me, illegally doing their pre-party drinks outside. After I had my one beer, I  went to my friend’s party. She was on the turntables when I came. I just smiled and waved. She’s so beautiful. I had a beer there, and I walked around and sat alone–occasionally talking to people.

One guy talked to me for a long time. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. It was nice to just talk to people. I told myself not to attempt to approach girls, so I didn’t. I only talked to one girl because she had a cool hairstyle that I just had to compliment her on. My DJ friend came and gave me a warm hug when we caught each other’s eye, again.  I left a bit after, and I said screw it, I need brandy !

So I bought a whole bottle of Brandy, drank it, and I just went crazy after. I went to my normal bar. I didn’t plan on doing photos there, but I did since I had my camera with me. There is another female photographer there that just hates my guts. It’s OK, though. We all need enemies. If she pushes me enough, I’ll make life hard for her. For now, I’ll just except that she hates me.

So at that bar, I danced with so many girls just like I did the night before. I met a lot of nice and cool ones. All of the girls start the dances with me, so that’s a great sign. I really enjoyed the heck out of it. I was nice and tipsy. I can tall that my friend, Sarah, was getting made at me. I’m certain of it this time, but I am not sure why. I met a girl, and when I was talking to her, I put my arms around her the whole time. Sarah was standing near. When I looked at her, she was staring and giving me a mean look. I have no clue why. Maybe she just doesn’t want me to get close to the girls I meet there. She just wants me to do photos, I guess. But I don’t understand why. It’s OK. I know and except her attitude. The owner of the bar kept looking at me dancing with another girl as well. He doesn’t want me talking to girls? I left when they turned the bar lights on.

I was going to go to another party, but I couldn’t find the address, so I just gave up and decided to head home. I was going to get off the bus and maybe get something to eat until I looked behind me and saw one of the girls I met the night before. She noticed me and smiled and decided to just follow me. We were excited and talked for a bit. Long story short, she made it clear that she’s not looking to hook up with anyone and just wants a hang out buddy. I respect that. I’m sure we’ll be really good friends. I have wanted a friend of her desires and personality type for a while. She asked for my number, and I gave it to her. I’m sure her number she gave me, initially is real, so I will text her when I want to hang. She did seem excited about knowing bits and pieces about me, though. She asked me what my sign is,and I told her. She liked it. She also told me that she thought I was a very good dancer.

Anyways. Take care !


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