Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I woke up and ran ten miles through the streets. I wasn’t really pumped for it like I was last week, so I had to push myself a bit. I did good, though. I ran 10 miles in an hour and a half. After that, I exercised a bit more in a park near in my neighborhood. After that, I ate my lunch/dinner and prepared to go out.

I went out. I was out and about 9pm. I tried to do it without drinking. I was a bit tired, so I went to a beer/coffee shop to have a cup of cappuccino. It must have been great because I woke up afterwords. A cute girl came in while I was waiting. I was still trying to get energized and pump up my mood, so I wasn’t really ready to flirt. I must always me ready, though. She looked directly at me and smiled and said, “hi.” I said, in a pretty low voice:

“Hi ! Oh you can go ahead I already ordered.”

“What!?” she smiled and said excitedly.

I repeated what I said and that I was that. I was going to say something, anyways, but         she already left.

I did a bit of bar hopping, specifically to look for girls to hit on. I saw a few nice bars, they were pretty … not the type of place to find many girls to hit on. I gave in to alcohol before I went to the bar I had planned. I felt a lot better. The bar was pretty empty. It wasn’t as crowded as it was last week. I saw three girls standing together and I  approached them and we talked. We just made friends, I guess. Nothing more came out of it. I felt bored, so I went to my normal bar, and it was really crowded and lively.

I guess it’s just the best bar for me to go to. I went in and flirted with so many girls. I met a cute Russian girl among others. Nothing came out of it except for hugs, dances, and kisses on the cheek.

I went to another party afterwords. It was really nice and really big. I had some success there, with the girls, a bit. I ran into a female DJ friend that I haven’t seen in a while. I think I acted weird. Or she wanted to talk longer, but I kept trying to get away. I had just came in and I saw her there and I came over and said “hi”. She got excited and hugged and we talked. She introduced me to her friends. We talked. Eventually I just said my final, “Well, it was good to see you”, as I walked off to observe the venue. I heard her say, “OK…?” Maybe it’s just my mind, though. She’s a really nice girl.

I looked hard for my type of girl. I saw one and I came over and said “hi, and told her how I felt and stuff. ” We talked. She said she was flattered and all, but she said she’s taken, right now. I didn’t press on. I just excepted the reject. I guess I could’ve said who cares about your boyfriend and all. That has worked in the past.

And now there is Ruth:

Me: “Hey, I liked the move you just did there. It caught my eye as I was walking by. I’m like, wow ! that looks hot.”

Her: She laughed and did other moves.

Me: What’s your name?”


Me: Oh ! Ruth is a cool name. I recently read about a girl name Ruth in a book. It’s a love story. It’s so cool, though. Ever since then, I’ve been like, if I ever find a Ruth, it’s on !

Her: She laughs and asked what book.

Me: Oh it’s a controversial book. I don’t like bringing it up at parties.

She pressed a bit, and I said screw it and told her that it was from “The Bible.” She was familiar with he story I was talking about. She laughed and pulled me in and gave me a long and big hug for a while. We gave each other our phones and dialed in each other’s numbers. She disappeared from me shortly after. I have no clue why. I didn’t chase her. I went on to enjoy the party.

Another party photographer was going around doing photos. I said “Hi” to him because I was familiar with him. He took a photo. I randomly grabbed some girl and he took a photo of us. We started to talk after. She seemed nice. I got her number as well. I decided to slow down on number after that.  The place was really small. After a while, I talked to one more girl, and Ruth saw us sitting and talking. She looked and sat near. When the girl left me for her friends, Ruth made sure to sort of disappear. She’s beautiful, and definitely my type. She’s tall with a beautiful face and long dark hair. I’ll never call or text any girl’s number I got that night. It’s all practice for me. I don’t think they’re really interested anyways. I guess, tonight I’ll go out for more practice unless I run into someone I really really like.




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