Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today yesterday went by well, and so did the day before. I’m sorry I didn’t write. I think I’ve been sort of busy. I’ve been so into this new author and book. His name is Wallace Wattles. I’m reading two of his books, right now and they offer very straight forward and good advice. The first one is called “The Science of Getting Rich,” and the second is an all in one book — a premium collection of 9 books and I’m reading the book called “The Personal Power Course: Ten lessons in Constructive Science.” Along with doing other things, those two books have been taking a good deal of my time and mind. It’s stressful a bit because it suggest some things which I’m not sure I should listen to or do, but I put in the effort because the author has a very good rep and his books are highly recommended.

So day before yesterday, the only major things I did were exercise in the park and study photoshop. I had no opportunity to talk to girls. I was too tired to get up, today to make it to Krav Maga class. I guess I should have pushed myself. I definitely will not miss it next week. sometimes I try to listen to myself when it tells me I need a break. So yesterday I slept in and woke up and got right to reading those books and then I cooked my lunch and dinner for work.

All that exercise is paying off. I don’t have a gut. I have abs. I like how my body looks, but I still want to be leaner. I like how I look overall–there’s my confidence ! As far as this approaching girls things go, it’s hard to keep up with writing them in the log all the time. I’m sure I approached well over 20, but I only wrote about 15 of them, so I will just say I approached 15. I’m going to get more aggressive and serious about this, though. I will go out of my way to go to big malls where there are a bunch of them and just talk to girls for 30 minutes. I have time to do this about two days a week. Tonight, I will approach more at this bar that I like. I will do it without drinking.

Speaking of girls, that one girl that keeps messaging me back and forth asked if I can meet her on a Saturday. I told her, yes, but she hasn’t responded. I think she is willing to meet, but I have to be persistent. Things will work out. Anyways, Take care !



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