Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well. Nothing special happened. I woke up and went to the store because I needed something for breakfast. I walked to the store while still waking up pretty much and bought my bread and raisins. The woman was there, with that long beautiful thick hair. I told myself to ignore her this time. I don’t want to be in her face all the time. She pretended not to notice me too, but she did. She joked a little. I was in the mix of trying to play not too exited, and plus I was slightly embarrassed about still waking up though I did wash my face and brush my teeth. I barely said anything.

I came home and had breakfast,  I meditated and then I ran and worked out. It was so cold outside. Oh, on the way to the store. I did see one big booty kinda cute lady walking down the street and I caught up to her. She looked like the married type, so I didn’t say anything. I should have at least said “hello” just because. Other than that, I saw no one. I was working on my website after I got done working out, and I completely messed it up. I can[‘t even access it anymore, so I’m waiting to here back from domain support. I’m sure it’s an easy fix. I started to leave early so that I can approach at least one girl somewhere, but I decided to take a nap because I was getting tired.

As far as girls are concerned, today. I’m still thinking about that blonde girl. I really hope I run into her again. There is a chance because we practically live in the same neighborhood. I messaged a girl on Friday night. I met her a long time ago. I bluntly told her she was pretty and that I wanted to do photographs of her. We didn’t date. We did exactly what I said I wanted — photographs. Since then, we have been kind of trying to meet up again. She’d ask me, but then ignore the final message about meeting up. Last time she asked me, I told her such and such day and she said she was busy that day. I didn’t say anything back because she didn’t give me a follow up date.

So Friday night, I took advantage of my own fact that I was tipsy, and I messaged her about meeting up on such and such date. She gave me all the days that she’s available, and I picked one and a time. I heard nothing back again. I’m going to just forget it, but I wonder what would happen if I just remain strategically persistent? I may do so just to see what happens. I wonder why girls just ignore out of nowhere.

Anyways, Take care !


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