Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I didn’t get to go out at all, really. I tried. I went out, but I didn’t make it to any bars. I took a bus, on time but I missed the exit. I took the bus back but missed the exit to get to the bar I wanted to go to. I took it that nature really didn’t want me to go there that night. So I continued on the bus to downtown. I figured I can just check out some bars down there. Oh, I forgot to mention that I flirted with the first bus driver. I’ll add that to my log because she seemed pleased. She seemed nice too.

I stopped at a bar that I always walk by but have never been into. It’s a nice bar. It’s small. I had a beer and kept an eye out for targets and for people to talk to in general. I flirted like crazy, perhaps. I saw two girls sitting together. I weren’t sure if they were a couple or not.

Hey, both of you are beautiful. You two look really good, together. You make a really good couple.

That’s all I said. They said, “Thank you ! That’s very sweet of you.” That’s all they said, so I guess they are a couple. I saw them cuddle more afterwords. I randomly talked to a group of Asians. It was two guys and a girl. The girl was cool, but not really my type. I ended up talking to the Asian guy for a long time. A girl touched me as she as she said “Excuse me” to get by.

Oh , touch me again !

Touch me again

I kept yelling that in a flirty and sexual way. She just looked and smiled and kept going. Should I count that as an approach? Yeah, it’s going in my log. The Asian guy left me, to go catch up with his crew. Who told me to come with him. On the way, I saw a beautiful black girl and threw my arms around her while giving her one of my favorite lines.

I love black girls dot com

Yeah, it sounds corny, perhaps,  but I like it. I originally used it on an Asian girl a while back and she liked it a lot.

I love Asian girls.com

She was happy, and we chatted a bit with my arms around her. Then she said, “Well, let me introduce you to my boyfriend. ” I got a little befuddled and said, “Oh..” and took myself off of her. He was standing right there, not offended. She asked “Why …something. I guess she was trying to say not to panic. It’s OK. I’m still cool. But what does it mean? Her boyfriend doesn’t care if she sees other people. I talked some more stuff, introduced myself to everyone and backed off. I went back upstairs to talk with the Asian crew and then I decided to leave and go to my normal bar.

And now there is Lauren…

On my way to my normal bar, I saw this ultimately beautiful blond haired girl. She is the most cutest thing. I am blushing as I am writing this. She had a very sweet voice and the cutest smile that I noticed because she blushed when I had first spoke to her. She has long blond hair and she was wearing pig-tails that night(I blushed, again). She’s so cute to think back on. Anyways, she is someone that I had seen walking down the street before and I wanted to talk to her, but I let her pass. It was a total coincidence that I saw her again, randomly, on Saturday night. I walked passed her this time, but then I said to myself, “No ! go back and talk. If she’s still waiting at the light, it’s meant to be. ” I walked back to the light where I saw her, and she was still there. 🙂

I talked with no hesitation. I don’t remember what I said, but it was all smooth flow(and a lot of low key liquid courage). She blushed and stuff. I think she was smiling and blushing the whole time. She told me she was waiting on her friends. I asked a lot of questions about her. Se started to look at her phone and then told me that her friend’s are here. I let her go and told her that if we run into each other, again, it’s meant to be. Perhaps that was a lame thing to say. I should have just got the number. It sounds kind of stalkerish to just wait and see her, again. Maybe not? Maybe the questions I asked about her were lame, too? Either way, if I see her again I’ll just say something.

I seriously need to work on my game. But hey, the more I do, the better I’ll get. I never made it to my bar. The line was too long and I didn’t want to just cut in front of everyone. So I decided to go home. Coincidentally, I ran into the same bus driver that first picked me up when I left home. I gave her my number before I got off. I doubt she’ll call. I don’t really want her to either.

I did my last approach, today, and it didn’t go quite well. Oh before I say that, I did make the mistake of approach a very young girl. I didn’t really notice until mid conversation.

Are you 21, yet?


Are you over 18?


Oh, boy…

and then I just stopped talking to her. What was she doing out so late? Well, it wasn’t mid night. So yeah, I did my last approach, tonight. I saw a cute Korean girl get on the bus. I didn’t say anything. I got off and looked up and noticed her walking right in front of me.

Hey, I think you’re cute !

She looked at me and either just ignored me and got scared. I got embarrassed. I was looking back at all her reactions. I turned around and ran head first into a building.

Take care Journal !



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