Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I did everything that I had planned except exercise. I could have, but I decided to give myself a one day break. I sort of needed it. I didn’t really break like I wanted to though. I spent the time editing old photos I took of a girl and I had an awesome beer called “Lucky Buddha.” I only had about 20 minutes of time to lay down and do nothing.

Yesterday, I wrote down the main things that I want out of life. I spent almost 30 minutes doing that. I also gave in to approaching girls online. I will not include that as part of my approach 100 girls thing. Speaking of approaching girls, I guess my best time to do it is on the weekends. I’m too busy during the week. I even did about a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood in hopes of running into a girl; nothing happened. I saw no girl whatsoever. So I told myself to send a message a day to a different girl on a dating site as well. I did one yesterday. I’m not sure if she saw it and responded yet.

take care !



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