Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I was busy from the time I woke up. I got up and did laundry. I was forced to do laundry because I had no more underwear and socks to wear. Haha ! I finished laundry on time enough to get out of there and make it to Krav Maga class. Speaking of that, a bad part of me wants to do some field testing. So when I got done with Krav Maga class I had some time to kill before work so I exercised in a park near my job. A guy walked by staring at me; I said nothing. He walked pass me again staring hard, so I thought, but it could be my desire to field test things. I asked him, “You got a problem?” He seemed scared and shook his head and said no. That was crazy of me. But this part of town is full of creeps that stalk the streets at night and look to mug people and such. I’m sure he was one of them. I’d love to beat the shit out of one of these jerks. Now I feel like I’m being a bad student. This is bad. I’m looking for a fight ! I would never bother a normal guy, though. It would have to be an obvious jerk.

I did no cold approaches, today. I was looking at this one girl/lady that was sitting in front of me on the bus. I couldn’t get a good look at her face, so I didn’t say anything. I think she was older, though. I think the next girl I approach will be my girl number 17. I’m not scared anymore. I am sure of it. I’m really determined to find someone this time. That female DJ who gave me a big and tight hug this past Saturday sent me a one symbol message on my facebook page. It’s a big heart. That’s all it is. I’m totally going to keep my eye open for any dating potential I have with all my female DJ friends. Who exactly will my girlfriend be. since I am certain and determined, I am sure I will find her.

Well that’s all I’m going to write about, today.

Take care !



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