Girl 13:

I ended up walking behind a group of three girls. When I got close enough to see that they were young and beautiful, I said Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, wait never mind, I choose this one” , as I wrapped an arm around her. She was very receptive. They were all giggling. I talked to her a bit and asked her questions until they got to the car. She told me that she is the designated driver. I gave her my card and I told her to message me. I screwed up there, perhaps. I should have got her number. 

Girl 12:

I was on the train. I walked pass one girl and thought of approaching her. I walked a bunch of feet and then looked back and said go for it. But there were two girls now. I debated in my head about which one I should go for. I picked a different girl. she turned out to be really nice. She was very receptive of me and completely open with me. She was blushing and smiling. She told me very personal things about herself. Her train had shown up and she asked which way I was going. We were going opposite directions. She wanted to talk more. I gave her my card and I told her to message me. I screwed up there, perhaps. I should have taken down her number. 

Girl 11:

Nothing much there. I saw her reading a book, and I walked over and asked her what she was reading. She was receptive and smiling. We talked about the book a bit. Then just ended the conversation and went back to my business. I should have talked more, I guess. 

Girl 10:

She didn’t like me. I just started a random conversation with her while waiting in line for a bar. 


I was full of liquid courage. Sorry I haven’t written to you in some days, by the way. My mind and emotions were both busy. Anyways, I’m back. This quest to find a girlfriend is very serious. I have made up my mind. I want one girl–only one, for the time being. I’ll find her. My approach 100 girls assignment is going strong. I know I did a lot more than 13, but whatever. I’ll leave it at 13. It’s hard for me to log in the data in my notes to myself that I keep about it. I know the kind of girl that I want. The only problem is that when I do see the type of girls that I really like, I am always afraid to say something. It’s like, woah, that’s advanced. It’s like a challenge. So a lot of times I approach girls that I know will be no good for me perhaps. Things will turn out OK. I’ll challenge myself this week and start approaching those girls with confidence. 🙂

The weekend went by good. I have tons of energy. I woke up on Thursday at about 2pm, I think and I cleaned my room up and cut my hair. I went to work. After work, and in the morning on Friday, oh wait, I worked two hours overtime. When I got off work, I bought a beer and I went to hike the hills. I hiked 11 miles this time. I also meditated and drank my beer. I headed home and ate at a restaurant. I showered and slept for about 30 minutes and then I went to a friend’s punk-rock party. There were so many pretty girls there. I approached two of them. Wow ! I forgot about those approaches. I left them and I went to another party that turned out to be sort of boring. I made it home in the morning.

I woke up Saturday and went right to doing groceries. Somehow, I spent a lot more on food this month, and I am not sure why or how. After groceries, I worked out a bit at home and I drank and headed out. All those girl stories above happened at soon as I headed out 🙂 I went to my normal bar. I tried other bars prior to this, but one was doing a private party and they wouldn’t let me in. The other had a long line and a long wait. At my normal bar…I guess I have another female DJ friend under my belt. At soon as she saw me, she grabbed me and gave me a tight and long hug 🙂 I always see her at this particular party. I didn’t know she was a DJ, though. I didn’t even know her name. She told me her DJ name when I asked her name. I always see that name of the flyer. so it’s her…She’s a pretty white girl. I have another female DJ Friend 🙂

After her I walked around and talked to people and took photos. I talked to a lot of girls. A lot of girls gave me tight and long hugs. I danced with some. I left the bar to go to another party. At the party, I saw the big titty girl that I wanted to photoshoot with. She saw me too. I didn’t say anything because I already felt rejected. I’m not sure if she was comfortable seeing me there. I left the approach part up to her. She walked pass me and said my name. I just said “hi.” I still would like to photoshoot with her and a lot more, though. We’ll see how we turn out.

I ran into another girl that I always see but have never introduced myself or talked to her:

“Hey! I know I always see you, but I’ve never introduced myself.”

Her: “What?”

“I know I always see you, but I’ve never introduced myself.”

Her: Silence

She just grabbed me and gave me a long and tight hug.

I made a new friend 🙂

Today’s plan:

olive oil, sleep.

wake up, law of attraction exercise


workout: kicks and elbows.

study English at night.






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