Dear Journal,

How are you feeling?

I’m not going to write a whole lot, today. I’m just going to observe and ask myself questions about that girl. We’re friends. She’s like the friend I’ve always wanted. She could be the friend that I’ve always wanted because we get along well, and she’s cool. That’s totally up to me, though. But I am already screwing up. I lied to her twice. I’m hiding things, or maybe not. She asked me what I did for work. I told her my former job that I have a degree in. I’m not doing that job any longer though. I’m doing something else that I make much less money doing, now. She asked me what school I went to. I don’t like mentioning the name of my real school, so I just picked a University out of my ass. She thinks I’m loaded, but I’m not. I don’t even have a car anymore. Why did I lie ! That’s like the most horrible thing. What am I going to say next time we hang out. How can I explain things and just be upfront and truthful. Why did I lie? I hate this.


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