Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I don’t have much time to write as of now. I will keep this short. I finished editing that girl’s photos, today. I appreciate her so much. She’s sexy, hot, and nice. I had shown the link to another female friend of mine and the first thing she asked is if we had sex because the girl is nude in a lot of the photos. I told her we did not, which is the truth. I guess my work does impact people’s thoughts. I was so distracted by the photos. I keep looking at them. I hope something bigger develops out of this, mainly for her, and for me as well. Why don’t we just become…life partners already?

One observation I made today is something that I have always known about myself is that I’m more of a scary individual. I’m easily scared, and I always think the worse. I couldn’t even continue to go into the mountains. I imagined myself getting devoured by a mountain lion or starving coyotes. A man confronted me about a confrontation he was having with another man, today, and he wanted me to intervene.  I saw knives, so I was scared, I think. He wanted me to call 911, so I did. But this was stupid of me because what if he was lying? I panicked because he panicked, I guess, and I called 911 based off a one sided story. How can I stop being this scared? How can I think faster, quicker. I think I’m so smart sometimes, but actually, I’m not.

Something about that girl’s photos put me in a bit of a downcast mood, and I’m not sure why. I wish I can write my true feeling about it on my other blog like I do here, but I’m afraid of people’s opinion of it.

Take care….



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