Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. yesterday went by well, and so did today. Minus the fact that I’m not going out, tonight. But it’s OK for me to do that every once in a while. I want to think of plans on the days that I don’t go out. But how does one do that? I sat back and wrote plans a while back. I guess I can take this time to review them. I actually followed through on plans I wrote a while back and they’re working out pretty good. I will still review them and think of some details on things. I only have $20 in my pocket anyways.

I don’t think I wrote to you yesterday, so let’s write about Friday. Friday, after work in the mornig, I went hiking in that beautiful place again. I was tired of course. I took about an hour nap in a place on the trial until some guy woke me up asking if I was alright, haha. After that I woke up and went hiking again. I walked sort of far. I stopped at a place to do bioenergetics and meditate. I also stopped at a place to read a book called “As a Man Thinketh.” It was so beautiful to read a book in those mountains. I was very high up there. I got scared to go further at a certain point. I was thinking like what if I run into a mountain lion. I don’t think there was anything to worry about, though. So I regret not going further. I’m a scary person I guess. Now I can’t wait to go next Friday. I’m taking the same route and I will keep going further. Damn those big mountains are beautiful. I only hike for the view and such.

I think by the time I was done with the hike and came home, I was up for 24 hours straight. I came home and decided to take a nap before I went to a party I had planned. I set my alarm for an hour but I missed it somehow and woke up way later. I sort of regret missing that party šŸ˜¦ Same thing happened tonight. I guess nature wants me to save my money for Tuesday night. I’m going to a big party, then. I am switching hours with someone at work to do so. Had I went out both days, I wouldn’t have had money by Tuesday. Yes, I’m broke until payday this Friday, haha !

Today I woke up and worked out. The girl texted me and told me that I could come to her house around 11am or just come anytime because she’ll be home all day. I told her I would make it at 12. I worked out and had breakfast and then I headed to her place. I got a little nervous when I arrived but it was Ā brief, and I relaxed. So I was at her place and we did photos of each other with me being partially nude the whole time and her being fully nude most of the time. There was no romantic chemistry anywhere in the air though. She gave absolutely no indication that she wanted such. I’m glad to see the difference between her and the other girls. Somehow talks about love, relationships, and connecting come up all the time with them; and she didn’t suddenly mention her “boyfriend” out of nowhere. Ā Girlfriend in her case because she’s gay. Maybe because I met her and her girlfriend the same night? Nah, I doubt it.

When I met up with her, she was a little unkempt. But when she changed a little a got naked. She was absolutely sexy ! She has a really fat booty and ice looking breast. Never underestimate some girls, man. IT’s like, when some girls are clothed and such or dressed a certain way, you might not think you like her looks. But catch her on a night going out or see her naked and your mind will completely change. I didn’t think she was beautiful until then.

So we shot each other. She is more artsy, creative than me. Her style is very similar to Rosie Hardy. We took turns shooting each other. How nice, right? She would have been the perfect girlfriend–beautiful, similar hobbies and style. She commented on how we both wore the same thing–all black. But she really likes girls, I guess and is not interested in me romantically. No biggie. I’m glad I have a new friend, though, and I hope we do more together. She’s a really nice girl. A subtle question I have is why would she ask me what kind of work do I do? but hey, everyone wants to know where everyone works, right.

After that, I did a little grocery shopping. I bought some nice chicken kabob meat, yum ! Ā I looked to cold approach girls on the street before I went to my grocery store. I worked really hard at it. I walked a block twice but I saw no one. In some cases I kind of did, but I felt like they were walking to fast or I didn’t set things up and make up my mind ahead of time. After I bought groceries and came back to that lively street where I more likely to catch a nice looking girl, I told myself that I wasn’t going home without doing so. I saw one girl. She looked OK face wise. I thought of saying something but I let her pass me by. I turned around to look and I really loved her shape. She had a big butt that I liked. So a genuine attraction was sparked in me. I turned around and walked and caught up to her. I used a corny line, but it’s one that I used before and got good reactions from it so I like it.

“Do you know where the nearest clothing store for men is around here? ” Now before I approached, I did think she was cute, but I noticed something kind of off about her. Like maybe she’s an FOB–Fresh Over the Boarder(Mexican girl)(FOB really mean Fresh Off the Boat; mainly used among Asians ) When I said my line she responded in a really heavy accent the best way she could, “Sorry, I no speak English.” Does she count as an approach? Sure, why not. I went through all of that work, and besides, I’ve dated FOBs before. A part of me felt like she didn’t count so I walked that street twice again and caught another girl. From a distance, I liked her hair and hips. When she got close, I found a way to stop her in advance. I was way more confident this time around and I was looking her in the eyes and smiling. I used that corny line. She tried to be helpful. But then I stopped and said, “Nah, I just kidding. Hi my name is David.” She said she wasn’t interested. She wasn’t beautiful close up, but I made the approach anyways. I’m not saying that because I was rejected.

Success ! I did two approaches. I’m up four and I have 96 to go. This does build confidence, a lot. The more you do it, the less afraid you are to do it. I’m glad I’m pursuing. What an awesome way to find a girlfriend.

Today’s plan: wake up coffee breakfast, meditate, meditate, law of attraction exercises.

Work out

review photography video and do photos.

edit photos

Study wordpress and coding.

go to museum, if you have time.

study English at night.

Take care !



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