Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I did everything I had planned except I didn’t call the post office and write that check. I didn’t meditate, and I didn’t do my law of attraction exercises. At soon as I woke up, I did do two minutes of gratitude and I hugged myself and then I went to work out. After I worked out, I went right to cooking my lunch and dinner from work and then I took a cold shower and I packed up for work and all. By the time I did that, it was time for me to head out to Krav Maga class.

I listened to a popular audio book while on the bus. I talked to an older woman for a small sec, but I was really into my book. She’s just someone I see on that bus all the time. She has pretty hazel eyes.

Krav Maga class was OK. The workout wasn’t hard. Perhaps I would have had a harder workout had I partnered with a guy. But I partnered with a girl. The whole thing was a comedy scene. I don’t care what anyone says. Grappling with a girl takes some sort of mature discipline.

Comedic moments:

  1. We have a move where we raise our hips to get an opponent off of us. She was straddled over me and I kept raising my hips because I couldn’t remember the rest of the move. I’m sure it looked funny(sexual)
  2. We she finally got off balance, one of her boobs literally fell into my mouth; not bare, but just through the t-shirt.
  3. For some reason, my number of farts are increasing. I fart a lot. I hope I don’t have something. When doing exercise, in class, it comes out, you know? So we were doing an arm bar move, and her face was pretty close to my butt and a fart came out. How embarrassing.

She’s a cool girl, though.

After class, I did minor grocery shopping and then came to work. Throughout the whole day, I saw no one that inspired me to approach. I was sort of attracted to some Hispanic girls, but I can tell they were just not my type. They were pretty, sure, but what is beyond being sort of pretty. If I walked up to them and said, “man, I love quinoa !” They didn’t look like the type that would say, Oh my gosh, I love quinoa, too !” Basically, they just looked, basic. I love white girls. I love hipster white girls. I love Asian girls too and is actually what I get along with better if I could admit that to myself. I have an Asian history if you noticed that while reading my past entries.

Oh, but at soon as I left the house to get on the bus, I did see one pretty Asian girl that I could have talked to because I was sitting right next to her for 20 minutes ! I’ll just say that I was afraid. So today, no matter what. I WILL do this third approach. Thinking back on yesterday, I don’t think,  “Do you want to get coffee?”  is a bad opener at all. It was just my very bizarre and random execution of it that made it fail. I wonder how she told that story to her friends, haha. That neighborhood is interesting. There is not one single girl that walks pass me there that I am not attracted to. And I mean real attraction, not pick up practice. That’s what I’m trying to avoid. If I’m going to approach a girl, it’s better if I am wowed by her instead of , “OK, she’s alright. Let’s practice.”

OK, soooo…let’s get to today’s plans. I’m going to:

go to the beautiful mountains that I have been going to these past few weeks. I’ll probably be there for hours, today. I think I’m going to sleep in a spot and then wake up and do bioenergetics, meditate and finish reading my “As a Man Thinketh” book.  Then I will walk for a bit and think about plans and such if I can. I “WILL” approach one girl I like no matter what. I will go home and work out.

Take care !



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