Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I did everything as planned. I forgot to write the check to the bank, though. I will do that today. I barely slept, yesterday because I didn’t know if I needed to be at work for a meeting. I wanted to call at a certain time and double check. I woke up after about two hours of light sleep and called. they said we weren’t having one. I couldn’t really go back to sleep after that. I just laid in bed and I played with my phone, occasionally. I watched an episode of “The Wire.” I laid back down until the alarm went off.

I woke up and had breakfast and did all of those meditation exercises. I didn’t feel as energetic afterwords, though; obviously because of lack of sleep. After the law of attraction exercises, I walked a busy street in my neighborhood to look for a girl to approach. It’s actually funny and unbelievable that I saw no one. The streets were filled with grandmas and school kids just getting out of school. I did see a cologne, incense, and natural soap store that I am interested in so I will shop there next pay period. 🙂 I walked back home and did my sitting meditations. I was sleepy afterwords, so I decided to lay down for an hour. When I woke up, I studied coding and wordpress for about an hour and a half. I think I laid down again after.

A part of me wanted to lay down until it was time for me to get ready to work, but I pushed myself to get up and exercise. I’m proud of myself for doing it. I’m also proud of myself for at least stepping out of the house to look for a cold approach. I’m very confident. I checked myself out in my webcam, today. I took my shirt off. I love how my body looks. Now I need to translate that confidence into the girls, quickly. No more chit chatting and wasting their time. Saturday night was unbelievable, now that I think about it. I feel bad for her. I’m not going to let that happen a third weekend in a row. If I see her again(I’m sure I will) I’ll be sure to express myself. Anyways, the workout felt great. I am glad I pushed through.

Speaking of girls. That girl I told you about last week is definite. She wants me to come to her place this Saturday. I don’t know what we are, at this point. We’re friends. I can say that for now. She’s gay and has a girlfriend. But she was picking verbal fights with guys that night, so that means she wanted guy attention. She picked a fight with me, and that’s how we met. I talked to her and talked to her. This made her very happy then she was focused on me throughout the night and hugging me and stuff and we exchanged information. She wants to photoshoot me nude. That’s what Saturday is about. I’ll take photos of her too. We’re meeting to photograph each other NAKED; how awesome ! As I write this, I am getting excited ! What an awesome way to meet. This could be my new partner in crime. We could build a company together or something. Wow ! I’m glad we met. Saturday will be an awesome day. Let’s leave this post on a happy note.

Today’s plan:

Gratitude for 2 minutes, olive oil, sleep. Pray to God. Ask God

Wake up, have coffee. Listen to the happy song. Hug yourself in the mirror while saying, “I love you.”

be happy with what you have and express gratitude for two minutes.

Set a strong intention about what you choose to accomplish today.

Do the Mattison Grey exercise,

Do the ifbg exercise x 2

Do the Grand Canyon exercise.

Read your activation statement.

Do your I choose statement

Have the self dialogue for 5 minutes or more

meditate, meditate.

study coding, study wordpress, if you have time.

Write check, call post office,

Krav maga class.

Study english at night.



6 thoughts on “01/12/16

  1. So many things planned just for one day! Sometimes I get so distracted by writing and reading all the things on the Internet (instead of studying for my exams) and totally forget about time. Then I check the time and it’s like 6 hours from the time I actually woke up.
    You are an amazing time/things planner, I really like that about you. Anyway, a nice photo. I miss the sea a lot.

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    1. Thank you ! And it’s always great to hear from you. I think it’s better to plan your day before you go to bed and try to stick with the plan. I think it’s helps me stay focused on completing what I said I would. I always feel a lot better when I do everything I said I would. So maybe you can try doing that and it will help you stay focused on your exams? I love the sea, a lot too, and I can’t go too long without being around it. Lucky everyone is close to the beach here where I live.

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      1. Thank you for your daily posts (even though I don’t have that much time like I had) it always brings something new to my life. I guess it would be appropriate for me to also try to do this “everyday plan” because as I see it works with you. I already fucked up one exam yesterday because I just can’t focus on my studies and tomorrow I have 2 and the next day I have 4 so -_- this is like a shitty place for me right now. You don’t know how much I would like to just pack up my stuff and just leave..e.g for the sea (I live in a place when sea is like day (or even more) away by car ) so you are a lucky one with the sea near you, must be amazing there!

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      2. Awww…sorry to hear that. But don’t let it bother you. Just keep being happy and don’t think about that past exam. Planning everyday really does help, I feel like. I got the advice to plan my days from other people I listen to. Many people say it’s better to do it. Yeah, so just focus and get through these exams, and then you’ll have time to do whatever you want when you are done with them. 🙂

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