Dear Journal, How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. The weekend went by well. I had fun. I cooked delicious meals. The Salmon with dill-crust and tomato-fennel sauce meal that I made for dinner was just awesome ! I will recommend this book to anybody ! The meals make me feel good, immediately.

So let’s see. On Friday, I went hiking right after work. The place I went to is just beautiful ! It looks just like how I picture it all the time in my wealthy lifestyle fantasy. I love the place so much that I will go back, again this Friday. I’m just going to keep going over and over again until I am over it. I am there for hours and I rarely see a body. I want to have sex with someone in those hills. It’s going to happen ! So yeah,  I just walked through those hills and I found a place with a good view and I had a beer. I continued to walk some more and I ate my lunch that I brought with me. An older lady stopped as said “Hi” as she passed by on her horse. People are friendly on this hiking trial.

After that, I went home, showered, and I took a nap. I woke up at 11:00pm. I didn’t go out 😦 I convinced myself to stay home and clean up, which I did. Now my place looks great. It was better for me to stay home and clean rather than go out. I’m glad I did.

Saturday, I woke up and went right to Krav Maga class. The teacher gave us a good workout. I pushed myself the best way that I could. After Krav Maga, I went to do errands, basically, and that’s when I pushed myself to approach that girl. She seemed nice, honestly. Our encounter was really brief. I regret that I didn’t go out and do day 2 of approaching someone, today. I think I had a few opportunities during the 30 minutes that I was outside aand on the way to work. It’s OK. I will not let this happen again. With 1 approach a day, I will be finished with 100 approaches in 3 months. At soon as I got home, I cooked, and I had fun doing that.

I ate some meals and then I showered and went out. I wanted to go somewhere outside of my normal, which I did, but I really wanted to find a good rock bar or something. I didn’t have time, so I went to a gay club for the first time. Women are funny. I saw way more women being ballsy in there and giving me the eye. Like, at soon as I was coming through the front door a woman stepping out was giving me the hard “I want you” look. I just smiled and said “Hi.” It was a random stop for me. I was walking on my way to my normal bar and as I passed this place by. I just stopped in. I didn’t know it was a gay bar until then.

I hung out there for a bit. I had vodka on me, so I was a bit tipsy. I was walking down the street and flirting with almost every girl that walked by. I will not count these for approach assignments though. Anyways, I flirted with a lot of girls. It was fun. I made a very cool photo of one in the streets. I finally made it to my normal bar. I took a few photos there and then I ran into a tomboy (gay) girl? I’m not sure what happened between us. Somehow we ended up talking for a long time. She did all of the talking. I just sat and listened. I feel pretty bad, though, and I have some regrets. We sat down somewhere and she talked to me for a looonnnggg time–to the point where I think I was falling asleep right in her face ! Was I? I kind of don’t remember what we even talked about because I was drunk or something, I guess.

Next thing I know, the bar lights were turned on and we were the last ones to leave. It really did seem like she wanted something. I don’t know what she wanted. I just saw it in her body language. When they turned the lights on, I told her that I had to use the bathroom, and she decided to come with me. After the bathroom, she pardoned herself. But it was in a type of way, like she didn’t really want to say “bye” she was just doing it because she felt like she was following me too much. I know this type of body language because I do it. I regret not going for something–a phone number, a kiss. Again ! That gay girl liked me. I’m certain of it. I’m pretty sure I will see her, again, though.

I took a few pics in the bar, but not many because I spent the entire time with that girl. It was a beautiful thing. I just sat and listened to all her hopes and dreams and her soft voice. I loved it. I just wish I wasn’t intoxicated the whole time. I would have enjoyed it a lot more. I want to see her again, ASAP. This story should go on the blog. It will go on the blog. Anyways, there were a lot of beautiful girls I ran into there. I didn’t remember anything until I looked at my photos. They remember me though, because I see them in my hashtags on instagram.

I kissed a random gay girl out of nowhere in mid conversation with this gay girl. It was someone I always run into, but just don’t say “hi” all the time. I saw her walking and stopped her in her tracks and gave a hug and corner lip kiss. My photos come out better when I’m drunk. It’s just that with being drunk, I miss a lot of things.

I went to the after hours party after that. At soon as I got in I was a flirt machine, and I met another really beautiful girl. She was leaving as I stopped her, but we connected on instagram. She was nice. I walked around and danced and talked with people. I danced with one girl, but we didn’t say a word to each other the whole time. She started the dance 🙂 I hugged DJ Ali and ran away from her in her mid excitement from me hugging her and saying “Hi”. I talked to all kinds of girls, there. And that’s when that girl that I always flirt with smiled and grabbed me for a dance for the first time. I saw excitement in her eyes. 🙂 So, now, we’re cool. I’ll just keep playing it smooth and taking it easy and she’ll wam up to me more and more.

The last couple I talked to there were nice. It was a guy and his girl. I could tell he was cautious/jealous of me getting too close to his girl. I wasn’t doing anything wrong but talking to her a lot though. In mid conversation with them, I flirted with a random girl that was walking by, but she wasn’t interested, and I stayed in conversation with them. He asked me if I knew her. I told him, “no”, he sad that it was bad that I flirted with her, basically. Are you kidding me? He’s that type. I walked around, met other girls and tried to connect. I did snap shots there too. I ran back into his girlfriend and she gave me a big hug, “goodbye”, and she told me that she thought I was really nice. He saw us hugging and it didn’t look like he liked the idea so much.

OK…let’s talk about other girls. So I reached out to that girl I met last weekend and she responded asking to meet up on such and such day. It was a right away response ! She wanted to hang out this past weekend, but my phone was acting up, so I didn’t get her message until I figured out how to fix my phone, yesterday. so I just told her we should hang out, next weekend. She gladly agreed. Yeeeessss ! ! ! I like how we met. That was beautiful that day. I’m a bit afraid, though. But I won’t back out. This is cool. Ali wants to hang out too, but she’s not certain. I asked to hang out on such and such, day, but she said she had to work. True, she had to work, but she didn’t respond with a “but I’m free this day type”of thing, so I will not reach out to her for a while, if at all. I’ll wait for her to reach out to me.

I guess I wrote enough. I’ll just say bye from here.

Today’s plan:

Gratitude for 2 minutes, olive oil, sleep. Pray to God. Ask God

Wake up, have coffee. Listen to the happy song. Hug yourself in the mirror while saying, “I love you.”

be happy with what you have and express gratitude for two minutes.

Set a strong intention about what you choose to accomplish today.

Do the Mattison Grey exercise,

Do the ifbg exercise x 2

Do the Grand Canyon exercise.

Read your activation statement.

Do your I choose statements. x 2

Have the self dialogue for 5 minutes or more

meditate, meditate.

go to work meeting, call playboy, call maxim, write check to bank,

study coding, study wordpress,

Do this workout:

practice kicks and krav get up.

be ready to approach a girl, all day. Do your one approach without hesitation.



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