Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by OK. It went by well I should say. I went way off schedule, though. It was payday, and I just couldn’t wait to do groceries. So, at soon as I got off of work, I went to the grocery store. I made it there early so I had to kill an hour while waiting. I took some photos because I had my camera with me. I was so happy to do groceries. I just couldn’t wait. I’m going to cook salmon with tomato-fennel sauce and other things. I went to several grocery stories. I stopped by the vitamin store and bought a really great brand of rhodiola rosea. I took it today, and I have a lot of energy, immediately. I will stick with this brand.

I made it home pretty late, and I had planned to sleep three hours and then go to class. I changed my mind when I was waking up and it was time to prepare to head out. I don’t think it was weakness I was battling. I woke up and decided that I had a cold and I didn’t want to give it to other students. I did have a cold, and I’m glad I stayed in to rest. I had a cold for a few days, now, but now it’s going away. I feel better now that I rested. I will make up for class I missed and go on Saturday morning, with no excuses, except if I get lucky and lay up with a girl. Speaking of which, yes, yes, yes, my mind is still on that make out session I rejected last weekend. I’ve done that one too many times, and it stops, today.

OK, so the only thing I did, yesterday was the law of attraction exercises. I didn’t have time to meditate. I slept so much (only 7 hours) that the only thing I could do was prep my lunch and dinner and leave. I don’t regret anything though; except missing the meditation sessions. I still feel amazing.

I’m going to go hiking in the hills again and just relax and think about things when I get off work here in about an hour. I can’t believe it’s only been a weeks since I did my last hike. It seems so long ago; probably because I was waiting for my paycheck 🙂 I was successful at monitoring my budget. So I spend $340 a month on food, apparently. I want to reduce that. I don’t think $200 is possible or maybe it is. It surely doesn’t seem like it will be, this month because today I spent $169, but I’m counting the rhodiola, which was $20–oh wait. I need to subtract that lotion and soap !

OK, so I don’t know what I will think about while hiking in the hills. I’m going to do a bioenergetic session up there, and I think that will be cool ! I’ll do it before the actual hike. I have a nice can of beer with me to so that I can relax up there. I’m going to just think about a lot of things. My concerns in life are my health, which I think is good. I want to tone up my body, though–I want to get more ripped, so I will look and see what’s going on. I’m concerned about my financial situation. I will think about what I am doing right and wrong and make a decision on how I’m going to fix certain things, but overall, I think I’m doing good. I saved quite a bit. I’ll take the time to be proud of that. I’m just going to keep studying money. And of course…I’m going to think about girls. Speaking of girls, I have a few things going on. I am going to do 100 approaches. I can do it pretty quickly. I will approach at least one girl a day. I have to think of some openers. My classic, “Damn, baby, yo father must be a terrorist cause you da bomb !” Is definitely going to be one. I’m serious. It may work best at a loud party.

So today marks the first day I began this approach thing. I don’t think I’ll have a problem because I have approached girls before, but that’s only every once in a while. Some girls approach me too, which is why I have to catch on to things more quickly. Speaking of approaches. That’s how I met this girl, who I thought ignored my message, yesterday, but didn’t, because she replied saying “Yes !” I didn’t use her for a date. I used her for a photoshoot. She sat next to me on the bus and I just looked over and told her that I thought she was pretty and that we should shoot. She looked surprised, as though she doesn’t get compliments often. She’s pretty. I got to schedule the date, fast ! I almost forgot to reach out to another girl I had met last weekend, too. I did, so let’s see what she says. Last night, on the way to work, I didn’t have time to go by my normal bar, but I wanted to go so badly that I decided to walk by and say “hi” to people I knoew I would see outside. I saw a lady I had been thinking about for a while now. she’s much older than me, I think, but still pretty. Months ago, when I was leaving the bar to go somewhere else, I saw her and I started it:

Me: “Whoa, you’re pretty !”

Her: “No, you’re cute !”

We traded compliments a few times and I walked off saying, “bye”—booooooo ! I could have asked for a number, you know. But I did think she was a regular in the area because I thought I had seen her many times before, which may be true because I saw her, yesterday. She was standing outside talking to someone. It looked liked she was some sort of surprised and wanted to say something to me, but couldn’t at the time because she was talking to someone, and I was talking to someone. My presence was brief. When I see her, again, I’m definitely moving things forward, though.

Anyways, I wrote a lot, Take care !

Today’s plans:

bioenergetics, hike, drink, think.

gratitude for to minutes. Ask God, pray to God.

go home olive, oil, sleep

Wake up law of attraction exercises, meditate, meditate, party(outside of your normal circle)

jog or something if you have the time and energy.




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