Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I’m proud of myself. Despite it being a bit cold and windy, and despite me developing symptoms of a cold I pushed myself to head out there and exercise. Doing the exercise were fun. The tabata exercises I made up for myself were challenging. I’m going to keep that routine and do it again next time. I really had fun doing them. I did both forms of meditation. I didn’t do my main Law of Atrraction exercises, though. While reviewing how to do a certain exercise I read about in the book I came across another section that mentioned listening to the audio off of this website, so I took the time to listen to that. It took about an hour. The lecture clarified something I was curious about, so it was a good substitute for not doing the law of attraction exercises.

After I got done with that, the bad part of me was really working hard at talking me out of exercising, but I really wanted to do it, rain or shine. I was still a bit sleepy, after coffee and I wanted to just relax in the the warmth and drink tea, which I did as I studied photoshop. I drank a lot of tea and I read a chpater in my photoshop book.

After that, I was really motivated to go out and exercise. One thing that really helped me with being motivated, today is this guy’s lecture that I listened to last night:

His words stuck in my mind, and I told myself that I had no excuse really, and I didn’t want to fail. So, when I got done reading that section, I changed clothes, and I went to run for twenty minutes. My run time was about the same even though it was a lot colder, today. So, when it’s warm, I think I’ll be really fast. The whole hour workout was exciting and fun instead of exhausting. I’m really inspired by this guy.

Another video that I watched by him last night inspired me to come up with this idea that I want to do, starting Friday:

I’ve decided to approach 100 girls by the 18th of this month. The only thing I’m confused about, at this point, is rather I want it to be a photoshoot or date. I have to make up my mind at this very moment…”tik-tok, tik-tok, tik-tok,tik-tok, tik-tok, tik-tok…”

Let’s go with date. And my date will be my photoshoot. There’s nothing wrong with that. And if I don’t find anything by that date, I’ll have to look online somewhere and find my next model. I’m excited to take on the challenge. It’s interesting to me. Speaking of models. I spoke with the Rusian girl, today. She replied back saying that she does want to shoot, again, but it will be raining of the day that I picked. I replied saying that we’ll just have to pick out another time. She replied “Yeah” smiley face. So that’s that. We’re friends and I’m going to use her again. 🙂

I kept thinking of the girl I met Friday. I’m trying not to dive into my habit of being negative. I’m just going to say that, man next time I see a kiss coming for me, I’m going to take it, quickly ! No matter who’s watching. Also, I’m going to reach out to the other girl that I met that same night and see what happens 🙂

Anyways, take care.

Oh, one more thing. I’ve been writing so much. I can finally admit to myself that I like it. I’m a writer, by hobby, at this point.

Today”s plans:

Gratitude for 2 minutes, olive oil, sleep. Pray to God. Ask God

Wake up, have coffee. Listen to the happy song. Hug yourself in the mirror while saying, “I love you.”

be happy with what you have and express gratitude for two minutes.

Set a strong intention about what you choose to accomplish today.

Do the Mattison Grey exercise,

Do the ifbg exercise x 2

Do the Grand Canyon exercise.

Read your activation statement.

Do your I choose statements. x 2

Have the self dialogue for 5 minutes or more

meditate, meditate.

Do photoshop homework

Krav Maga Class.

Listen to a chapter from “50th Law”

Watch a movie if you have time 🙂



3 thoughts on “01/07/16

      1. lol all the best to you! And have fun with it:) It can be a little scary to approach people, but if you just let loose and have a good time it will be so worth it!


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