Happy New Year ! 😀

Dear Journal,

How are you? As for me, I feel great, sort of. I haven’t really been asleep since yesterday 1pm, so I’m hanging in there. I did everything I wanted to today, so far. Boy, I’m doing my best to focus and stay writing right now. I don’t know if I am sleepy. I’m sure I am but I still want to go out. I might do just that; or I can stay in do some exercises out of this book I just had got done reading. I was only interested in going to a punk rock bar that I go to sometimes. It’s the coolest place ever. They have an outside patio that people can drink in. It’s filled with beautiful women and cool rock music. Everyone there dresses in black, and it’s a really chill vibe. I’m usually the only black guy and I often run into comments: “Hey, I can tell you’re a cool guy. You’re black, but you’re hanging out in a place like this !” Yeah, I love the place, but I’ve just decided to stay in and relax and do some Exercises out of this Law of Attraction book I just read, today as I listen to underground hip-hop on WHPK.

Yeah, so I didn’t party in the morning as I had kind of planned. I really wanted to go on this hike and drink wine and read that book, and that’s exactly what I did. Malibu is such a beautiful area. I think I may hike there for several Fridays. It’s an awesome place to be. I went to hike after work in the morning. Though I went the wrong way on the trial, I still had a good time. I was the only one on that trial and I stayed there for hours. I was surprised that no one had shown up in all that time. When I made it to the top of the hill, I started reading the book and took sips of wine.

I think that this book is the perfect way to start off the new year, because that’s what I will make this year all about for me–The Law of Attraction. I’m going to perfect my use of it and really really focus on getting the things I want. This book reminded me of so much that I have been doing wrong. I guess we all need reminders, so it’s a good thing to review things. I will not talk too much about last year, but I know I did yell, and I’m so proud of that. I did really well. I improved on a lot of things. This year will just be all about fine tuning and learning more. I’m glad that I finished that book in one sitting, and I’m glad that I decided to kick off my new year in that way instead of at a party.

Take  Care !



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