Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well, and I did everything I had planned to except watch a movie. 🙂 I’ll do that tomorrow.  I think I took a cold shower for more than two minutes when I got home, and it felt really awesome coming out of the shower. I timed it to a song. I put olive oil on myself and then went to bed.

I woke up, and I went jogging for a little over thirty minutes. I made a nice omelette for breakfast when I got home and I took another shower and went right into meditating and visualizing. I was pretty sleepy after the workout and shower, so I struggled with nodding out during the meditation session. I took a nap after that instead of watching a movie. I woke up and went right into studying photoshop. I downloaded a “Photoshop For Dummies”  book to aid me in my studies. I love the book, so far. I will go through the whole thing because I know it will help me a lot.

I messaged April about our photoshoot. I’m tempting to send the Russian girl a message. I may or may not. I’ll think about it, tonight and see how I feel tomorrow or a few days in the new year. Or maybe I should work on some self control and not message her at all.

I have nothing new to write, really. I’m excited for the new year and I just keep reminding myself to stay focused and positive–destroy all negative thinking.

Anyways. Take care !

Today’s plans:

shower, olive oil, sex

wake up, go clothes shopping. I may go to a 6am party on New Years. So I need to be prepared for that. I’ll do that, and then I’ll go hiking !

exercise: jump rope ten minutes then try tabata workout  practice elbows and round kick(maybe interval train), one set of hooks and uppercuts.

come home and cold shower.

Do whatever you like 🙂 Maybe watch Selma or study more wordpress.


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