Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by really well. I did everything as planned except meditate. I can’t believe I didn’t meditate. I really had the intention to, but I ran out of time. It was my fault because I put it off until later. When I woke up, I went right to jogging and I had a pretty good interval workout after. I came home and cooked and ate breakfast and I prepped to cook lunch and dinner. I took a cold shower and got dressed in my pajamas; I laid in bed and watched a movie 🙂 . Krav Maga class is out until Jan 2nd, so I’m using the days to relax.

I’m did good at taking cold showers yesterday, and I think they feel really really awesome. It sucks for the first minute, but then my body gets used to it. It’s not entirely comfortable though. I’m going to time it 2 minutes for accuracy next time I shower. Next week, I’ll push it up to three minutes. They make me feel good, and they make it easier for me to fall asleep; I’m not sure why. A cold shower really is a sort of therapy.

So I took a cold shower after my workout, and I tried to watch Kill Bill 2. I never have any idea what movie I want to watch. I don’t think Amazon Prime has a very good selection. I don’t think I liked Kill Bill 2. I liked part 1. It’s hard to judge rather I liked it or not because I kept nodding out in bed. I think I fell asleep and missed the whole movie. But if I fell asleep, it means the movie was boring, right? I should have just kept watching episodes of Boardwalk Empire. I don’t do good at watching a lot of movies at home unless I am really really interested in the movie. The last movie I watched is called “Ex-Machina.” I struggled to watch it, but the movie ended up being very very good.

When I woke up, I had an hour before I needed to leave, so I hurried and cooked lunch and dinner. I ended up making grilled chicken with yogurt and beet & onion salad, again. I like how it came out this time; it’s one of my favorite meals now.


Man, I love food !

I checked my facebook, today. I’ll admit that I gullible enough to be happy for something as small as a like. Or maybe likes are not as small as I think. I commented on a DJs facebook page. After he posted that he’ll be Djing at such and such party, I commented, “I’ll be there.” DJ Kim saw my comment and she ‘liked’ it. I’m sure she’s happy and is looking forward to seeing me. I haven’t seen her in forever. It’s her party. I used to go a lot, but then I stopped going because for some stupid reason, I felt like I was creeping her out. The reason was out of no where–just a fear I pulled out of my own ass. I can’t wait to see her and get/receive hugs. Maybe I’ll get a kiss on the cheek ! She’s very beautiful, but she’s gay so not into guys, really, but still. She’s hot, and she’s mysterious a bit. She wears all black all the time like I do. She’s an awesome DJ, too.  I’m listening to one of her mixes on soundcloud, right now.

I don’t think I’ll be going to Cut Copy’s party because I don’t want to spend that much on a ticket. I mean, they’re playing here all the time anyways, so I’ll catch them another time. So what am I going to do on New Year’s Day? Who knows, maybe I’ll end up going after all or maybe I’ll find different parties I haven’t been to in a while, like a punk-rock party or reggae party. The new year will be all about exploring for me. There will also be a heavy emphasis on getting the things I want. I’m going to go on a morning beach hike somewhere on New Year’s day, and I’m going to read this book in one sitting. I ran across it while looking to download the books I was reading to my new phone. I love my new phone, by the way. It’s a Windows phone. I’m not so used to Windows because I always use android, but I like it, now. Android seems to have a lot more apps, though, so I will need a new tablet. Anyways, I think that’s a really great book. Starting off the new year with learning how to properly use the law of attraction is a good thing. I don’t know what party I’ll be going to at night.

I listened to a speech, today; I feel like it’s exactly what I needed to hear. This guy says to demolish all negative thoughts, appreciate the things you have right now, and the best thing a person can do, ever, is meditate. His speech touched on a lot of things I have been thinking about, even the girlfriend stuff.

Yeah, so I feel great. I’m looking forward to a great weekend and all.

Today’s plans:

go home shower olive oil, and make love.

Wake up: cruise jog for 30 minutes.

coffee and meditate, meditate, visualize.

Study photoshop

watch a movie if I have time. I want to watch Selma.

Study English at night.


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