Dear Journal,

How are you? As for me, I’m fine. Today I did everything as planned. I could have exercised more intensely, I think. But things are hard to judge when I don’t sweat and I am exercising in the freezing cold. I couldn’t do a cold shower for two minutes either. I did one minute in the morning. That’s OK until I get used to it. All of the benefits of cold showers that I’ve heard about from reading different articles have been consistent, so I believe them and I am working on getting into them, Here’s one if you want to read it. As far as following the meals in Eric Braverman’s book here, I think this book is 100% right. I’ve been eating the meals for the past two weeks or so, I do notice that I am more focused. I feel a lot better as well. I’m excited to start my next meal. I already wrote down the grocery list, though I’m not buying the stuff until payday. Pay day is right around the corner ! But a good deal is going to rent 😦 I guess I can’t buy other things I need. I’m just going to pocket as much as I can after rent.

New years is coming. I’ll be working New Years Eve. There’s a big party on New Years day that I am interested in. I may go, but I’m not sure if I’ll have enough money. We’ll see. I can handle missing it. DJ Kim is doing a nice party the following day. It’s free, so I may go. We’ll see. My friend are doing their monthly party in Santa Ana on the same day as her, so I have to go to that. Though I don’t want to go to a party with barely enough to buy a beer. I’m sure is no big deal none the less. Besides, I just checked my calculations and it looks like I’ll have plenty, so Cut Copy it is !

Today, I thought of a few things. Warmness was one of them. Warm in the sense of being together with someone, being loved by them is a warm feeling is what I mean. And while doing that, I thought of that Russian girl again. I thought of her in the material sense, though–like it would be nice if I ended this journey with someone that looks like that. I still slightly wonder why she never responded to my answer to her question. Maybe she asked two guys at the same time and went with what she think is the better one. So yeah, relationships…a big part of me pictures images in my head of me having a wife and being a dad and just being home with family. A big part of me feels like that’s what I really want. It’s an image I’ve had in my head my entire life. Is that what I want? I’m sure it is. It’s warm. Another part of me doesn’t want to quit doing the photos that I do. I don’t think I ever will. It’s nothing wrong with doing it while still being married with kids. I do need to get off my ass and find a girlfriend and such. I can’t believe I never really look. Speaking of looking. I need to find a model for this other shoot I have been wanting to do for a while now. I will jump on that, today.

Well, that’s all I’m going to write about, today.

Today’s plans:

go home, shower(+ cold shower 2 minutes), make love, sleep.
wake up, run 20 minutes, do an interval work out. breakfast, shower
coffee and lemon water, meditate, meditate, visualize.
buy small groceries I need.

cook lunch and dinner.

relax and watch a good movie. 🙂

study English at night.

Take Care !





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