The Art of Storytelling (D): Dog

The setup:

When we were kids, my brother and my friends and I used to taunt this dog everyday on our way home from school. The dog had a reputation for getting out of his gate and chasing kids. It was a well known dog in the neighborhood. We always yelled his name and threw rocks at the gate, and it chased us, but never left it’s lot. It only chased us so far.

The buildup:

One day, in the winter my brother, my cousin, and I were on our way from from school. We decided to stop by and taunt the dog, and it chased us, like normal. Normally it would never leave it’s lot, but on that day, I guess it was fed up with us and it chased us for blocks and blocks; it chased us all the way home.

The payoff:

At soon as we made it in front of our house I slipped and fell on an ice puddle. The dog bit me on the back of my leg and walked off.




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