Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday was a very awesome day. In fact, the whole weekend was awesome. I did everything I had planned on doing today. I exercised last, and it felt great. It was freezing cold, but I ran outside for 20 minutes with shorts and a t-shirt. I didn’t sweat because I was still cold. I started warming up when I made it to the park and practiced some elbows and punches. I was a little tired until after I exercised. Exercise wakes me up, sometimes–more often than not.

I developed that roll of film, finally ! It was fun. I hadn’t developed a roll of black and white film in a long time. I was worried about the leftover chemicals I still had being too old and such, and I was worried about not taking the proper steps, but the roll came out perfectly. It was very easy. The hardest part was putting the film on the reel, which is odd because I have never had that problem before.

I got the book from the library. I walked around and did photos instead of the hike. I went to sleep at about 7am and didn’t wake up until 1pm. By the time I got the book from the library, I knew I wouldn’t have much daylight left. I’m going to hike on Friday morning after work. From now on, I’m just going to stay up after work and then go hiking every Friday. That’s one thing I hate about winter–it gets dark too fast.

My new phone should arrive, tomorrow. I made sure that it’s a phone this time. 🙂 With my next paycheck, I’m just going to buy a kindle fire. I may be able to sell m broken tablet to someone for 1/3rd of the price. Yeah, so I’m excited about the new phone.

Someone gave me a nice camera, today. This guy catches me taking photos of cats near my work all the time when he is outside smoking. He asked me if I was into photography, I said yeah. He said he knows of a lady somewhere, where he goes to look for bottles and cans to recycle, that is trashing good camera stuff all the time. He said he’d give me a camera he found there because he doesn’t use it. Today, he gave me the camera. I’m not sure if it’s functional. It came with a battery and memory card inside. I think the battery just needs charging, so I have to find a charger. The memory card in it works well, so that’s a good sign. It still has photos on it, and the camera seems to take pretty decent pictures.  I wouldn’t imagine that it works though if she’s trashing it. But why is she trashing good memory cards?

Soooo…what else has been on my mind, today? More than women, it’s been success. I am in constant thought about my possessions. I know or I feel like I could have accomplished more and should have a lot more at my age. I see people around me succeeding, or it looks like it to me–their buying houses and what not. I’ve never bought a house. I can make a lot more than I am making, right now….you know what? Let’s stop here. Because I can see myself dwelling in the negative which is very very bad. I don’t ever want to do that. I do have to take notice of the fact that I am saving a lot more now that I make less. I made than I make now, before, and I was always broke and struggling. I guess that’s because I ate out almost every single day. I was making car payments and buying fancy clothes :). It’s funny now that I look back on it.

Oh…I forgot that I need to write the D story and find the others I have written in the past. I’ll do it after I do my English homework.

Today’s plans:

Go home sleep hot shower and 1 minute of ice cold water olive oil, make love, sleep.

wake up, work out–jump rope( 5 minutes then minute intervals, squats, kicks, knees.

two minute ice cold shower.

breakfast, visualize, meditate, meditate (read a few pages of meditation book.)

study wordpress and watch coding videos. finish building web page.

Study English at night.

Take care ! I’m sure my day will go by well, tomorrow.



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