Dear Journal,

How are you? As for me…wait. Merry Christmas ! Though I don’t care much for the holiday at all. But I will take it easy, today just because the environment is around. So anyways, as for me, I’m fine. Despite the fact that I was expecting a new phone, today. I didn’t get a new phone. The idiot in me made me order the wrong damn thing. I ordered a tablet instead of a phone ! I’m going to send it back if they let me. It’s no big deal. It’s just an inconvenience. I’m considering keeping it because there are apps that let you make phone calls from this tablet. I’m using an app called Freedompop right now. I’ve made a few phone calls from my home wifi and it works really well. I’m going to try another app, that may let me have constant wifi anywhere for free. If that works out within these coming few days I’m just going to keep the tablet and I wont have a phone bill anymore. It seems impossible, right? But why not explore that. I already have a free phone number. The only catch is that I have to be at a wifi spot to use it. It’s not so bad actually. If I keep it, I guess I can look at it as a Christmas gift to myself. I bought no one anything anyways, and I’ll just keep it for a second number and a home phone and other things.

I finally picked up my business cards. Boy did I order a lot of them. It must be over 1,000 and I like how they came out. I think my eye contact with the lady who gave them to me was good. she made strong eye contact. I think she’s Persian.

I’m going to take it easy, today, and not write about a lot of stuff. I didn’t get to make my navy bean and kale soup today or anything I had planned on making. I woke up and quickly went to check my mail for my phone and did research on what I should do when I found out about my mistake. The only thing I did was soak the chicken in the yogurt mix I made for it and boy does it taste good already. It’s marinating in it I mean. I’m just going to relax at home, today and cook that stuff. I’m going to go to the store and buy alcohol–a little wine perhaps to relax for the evening, and I’ll put on a good Christmas movie or maybe read a Christmas romance novel to some music.

OK, so I feel like writing a bit about April again. I’m really just thinking about our shoot. She’s hot ! And I really can’t wait to do this again with her. I am more than sure that it will go really well. I’ll be calm because we already know each other. I don’t shoot the same girl twice too many times. I’m always looking for something new. Somehow I may not be in the mood this time around. I mean why not use her, again? She’s hot and she’s also a singer. I wouldn’t mind coming to her shows, but I feel like if she asked me to come and I actually showed up that would be weird of me. I’m not sure why I think like that all the time, but I do. Ok that’s enough writing.

Take Care ! and Merry Christmas.





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