Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m OK. Yesterday went by well. I did everything as planned except for exercise and grocery shopping. I’m going to hold off on grocery shopping until pay day. Until then I’ll just buy day to day small things–an avocado here, a tomato there, etc. There are some meals that I really want to do and the grocery store that I want to go to is pretty far. I just feel better with waiting until pay day to sort of reset everything, you know.

I did meditate and visualize everything. I hope to keep this pace going. I studied photoshop. I went out to do photos. That video helped me a lot. It’s such a short video but it pointed out a lot of things that I didn’t know before. That’s one thing about learning, you know. You have to keep digging and upgrading if you want to be good. Based off that new concept I studied, my current work looks like crap. I look at another photographer’s work, who famous, that I love, and I see that he is implementing those concepts perfectly. When I look at my current work, I see that I am extremely lacking. I’ve been doing photography for 5 years, maybe not seriously the whole time, though. I sort of suck, but I am getting better. That photographer told me that my work is great, by the way (we’ve met). But he is talking about my party photos. I’m not sure if he’s seen my personal shoots with the girls. Speaking of the girls, I pulled up a girl’s photo that I had shot with before. I noticed how beautiful/hot she really is, and I became attracted right away. I wasn’t attracted to her during out shoot. that’s normal, I guess. I may use her for a photoshoot, again.

Well, I’m not going to right long. I am busy at work. So I am checking off.

Today’s plan:

Wake-up meditate, meditate, visualize.
English class
Krav Maga
Cut hair
Continue to train new guy at work.

Take care !


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