A Thing I Have Been Curious About

Whenever I end up holding a girl’s hand for whatever reason (dancing with her, walking her somewhere in a nightclub) , I have always had the habit of interlocking our fingers as we hold hands. To me, it doesn’t mean much. It’s just the way I hold hands, but I have noticed that a lot of girls don’t see it that way. Some girls reject it and quickly go to normal hand holding. Some girls except it, at first with hesitation, but then they embrace it. So interlocking fingers means a lot, apparently. I do it a lot with girls I have just met. the last girl I danced with accepted it with no problem. In Krav Maga class, today, while grappling with a female traing partner, I naturally(or accidentally I should say?) went to interlock our fingers as I wrestled her in some sort of way, but she quickly moved her hand.

So interlocking fingers means a lot. I guess I have to change my habit? I don’t want to, though.



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