Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I am back to normal mostly, but I must admit that I feel like I have lost a son or a battle buddy. The images that were on my memory card will be missed as well. I really believe it was another epic night that’s all gone down the drain. I will be fine, though. It’s something I had to go through for some reason.

So, yesterday, I finally took my lazy self to the grocery store. I cooked shrimp curry for dinner when I got back and I cleaned the kitchen, a little. Now I’m eating healthy food again. I actually didn’t cook anything since I’ve gotten back from Chicago. I’ve been surviving off of grain bars and peanut butter sandwiches. My gosh, this is a random though, but I can still feel the alcohol from that night in my body and in my stomach. So, yeah, I made shrimp curry. It should last me four nights for dinner.

I’m still thinking about that night in general. I can’t believe I danced with such a beautiful girl. She was tall with sparkling blue eyes and nice tits. she was thin and definitely photogenic. Damn, that night is gone. I hope she didn’t see me black out. I’m sure she did. I’m sure a lot of people did. I wonder what exactly happened to me that night.

At least I know I look good enough to get a girlfriend, now. I know I can be hyper and confident without the alcohol, and I will do that this weekend. I have to. I really feel like I’m going to meet someone soon because I feel an urgent need to. Someone ask to dance with me every time I go out, so that means she’s close. I’ve been talking to a girl on a dating website. We’ve been talking ever since I started looking on their for a girl to shoot with. She seems like she’s nice. She has wonderful blue eyes and blonde hair She’s not exactly model material, but she is still beautiful. she lives too far from me, though. I’m not sure if I should continue our conversation. I wonder who I’m going to meet this weekend.

Today’s plans:

Go home and do the hot shower and olive oil.
Wake up and meditate with deep concentration for 20 minutes.
Have a cup of coffee as I visualize my future and all the things I really want to accomplish.
Jog for 20 minutes and practice Krav Maga punches in the park.
Come home and have breakfast with tea–poached eggs over spinach with an orange, yum !
Take an ice cold shower.
Study photoshop.
Do laundry if you have time.
Read Money Masters
Do whatever I want after that until work time.
Watch html videos at work 🙂

Take care !

No photos, today but here’s a song I love:


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