Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, from what I am about to mention to you, right now, I am amazingly still OK. I’ll just recall it as another funny story of mine. Let’s jump right into that.

Last night…I don’t know where I should start. My head is still spinning a bit, actually. I’m drinking coffee, at the moment, so that should help. I guess I should start talking to you about the photos I received from the roll of film I got. Photography is weird. All the photos I got of that Russian girl, suck and it’s a good thing I took a lot of digital capture. Those were awesome. We didn’t do as many as I thought, either. The Chicago girl? Awesome. The girl I shot Friday? Wow ! They turned out to be the best. They are incredible. I was for sure that they would suck I’ll spend time editing those today. Yeah, so that was the first thing I did in the morning. I left the room and attended to that.

After that, I took a metra train to Santa Ana. It’s amazingly fast. Much faster than going there by car. I’m surprised. I hate fun partying with my friends a bit. We were celebrating Jackie Chan’s birthday. They did drawings and played music. I took photos of people and made them pose with a Jackie Chan statue. In that process, two girls were interested in me. Both were beautiful. I drank tequila during the process as well. When things quieted down, the night was still early, and I was worried about  how I would get back to LA, so I left at a time I’m sure the metra was still running.

After that, I just couldn’t go home. I was in LA, and it was still two hours left before my bar closed, so I drank a bit more–a Mexican drink I bought randomly at a grocery store, and then I went there. It was a fun night. I was happy and flirty and amped up when I made it there. I stopped a girl right away and had a conversation with her about her green eyes. She was interested, but also shy, it seemed. I made her pose and I took a few photos of her.

I talked to familiar faces. Boy…do I recall drinking a lot there. Though, I could have gotten free drinks from the bar, I dismissed them as not being strong enough and I hid in the bathroom and took sips of my own drink I brought. I came out and I started talking to a very beautiful girl. I don’t remember what I asked her. We started talking about the place and music. I told her that I worked there in favor of my friends who work at and own the bar. Somewhere during the conversation, she grabbed my arm and we decided to go to another dance room in the rear of the bar. We started dancing there. Her friend, a female, who was with her was guarding her heavily for a moment until she saw that we were having fun grinding each other. We danced with each other for a bit. She then told me that she needed to find her friends and that I could come with her if I wanted. I told he that I’ll see her around and catch her later. I took  her photo of her before we parted ways.

I talked to the original green eyed girl again. I think my conversation was split between her and another girl and then…

The memory fades. I don’t remember how I left the place. I don’t remember when I left the place. I don’t remember making it to the bus stop. I’m starting to remember vomiting intensely somewhere. I don’t remember how I lost my camera and where I left it…



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