Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I guess…I had some minor issues I should say. I’m writing to you a bit early to express some feelings while they’re hot. The main issue I am having is that, guess what? I can already foresee that the girl that I have been talking to all week about doing a photoshoot, today is going to flake. Or she has flaked already, I should say. I saw this coming days ago. Our conversations were normal and fine until she sent this weird request. She asked me to send her a summary of everything we’ve been talking about that we’re going to do for the shoot. I thought to myself? A summary for what? Look through the past messages we’ve been sending each other, but I just summarized anyways. I also said something, at the end, that I have never said: “Oh, by the way, you can bring someone with you if you like.” It’s an unnecessary statement, perhaps. Whatever the case, I heard nothing back from her after that. Yesterday, I sent sort of a confirmation email: ” See you tomorrow !” Still, I heard nothing. She’s gone. It bothers me very little. I’m only going to find another girl, but I just wonder what the heck happened. The confirmation request seemed fishy. Did someone get into her email(jealous boyfriend, parents) and convince her not to come? I’m not going to send her another email. I’m just going to find another girl. It works out a little better anyways because I ordered a pin-up book that I wanted to use off of Amazon, and I should just wait until I browse through that then do the shoot.

So my plans for tomorrow will change. I guess I will hike and go to a party later. I’ll hold on to the money I was going to use for her. At this point, I just hope she doesn’t message me, tomorrow. She didn’t confirm.

The second issue I am having is the Walgreens that I dropped my roll of film off at will not develop it, so I have to go and get it, tomorrow. I guess I can take it to the professional place, now, and that works out better as well. Walgreens used to be an excellent quick stop for me when I wanted my photos fast, but they don’t develop film there any longer. I’m sure the other place will work out a lot better. I’m slightly worried that I destroyed that roll of film going through the airport scanners. I forgot they destroy film rolls. In Chicago, they had a sign up that says that if the ISO is under 800, the film will not be destroyed. So in that case, I am OK. Who knows what happened at the Los Angeles airport, though. I have that Russian girl AND that Polish girl on there. If that roll of film is destroyed it is going to hurt ! That Russian girl probably thinks I’m not going to give her the rest of her photos. If that roll is destroyed, I have nothing to give to either of them. I shouldn’t worry. At ISO 100, I’m sure things are fine.

Speaking of the Russian girl, I wanted to use her for the same pin-up idea. But I wanted to do it on a hiking trial that I wanted to show her. Maybe I should message her about it, today. She’ll be happy to shoot. She said contact her again.

I’m still feeling slightly sad about being single. I really really have to do something about this. I’m sure something good will come up. It doesn’t bother me too much because I am focused on so many other things. The girlfriend is just part of a bigger formula. Speaking of girlfriends, I was watching “Sex In The City”, yesterday. The topic came up about monogamous relationships. It had me thinking. I know that I, by heart, will very much prefer a monogamous relationship with someone. Society’s norm…well, never mind. No one’s monogamous until the two decide to be serious about each other.

Anyways, take care !

I don’t feel like fetching a photo, today so here is one of my most favorite mixes that I like to listen to. Enjoy ! 🙂


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