Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. My flight was OK. I’m going to take a second to indulge in a tad bit of braggadocio, if I can call it that. While I was waiting for my flight to leave and just killing time walking around the airport, I noticed something. I was walking and I noticed a very beautiful white woman. I told myself not to stare her down so I noticed her from a distance and kept. At close up, I could resist anymore and I let my eyes do a quick glance. But while glancing, I noticed a very beautiful long haired black girl walking just a tad bit behind her and she was watching me. I took a quick glance at her too and kept walking forward. There was a guy behind me who suddenly said to me, “man that pretty black girl is starring you down for some reason. She’s looking at you like she knows you from somewhere or something. “Oh, yeah?” I said. He then said, “Yeah, man I looked back to check her out, but when I looked back at her I saw her turning to look at you!” I laughed and said, “Well, I guess that’s a good thing.” So I’m just going to take that as I was being checked out !

So my flight was OK. It wasn’t long. It was only about three hours. Nothing interesting happened. I haven’t been home, yet. I went right to work. Work is OK. I just feel ugly and fat. I keep looking at that girl’s photos. Wow ! How lucky I was. I really do hope I see her next time I fly there and we will have an even better shoot. She is stunning !

Today, I will shower and dose myself in olive oil, go to sleep,  and wake up. I will push the meditation session up to 20 minutes since I have been doing it consistently.  I can do 20 minutes at soon as I wake up. I will get dressed and go grocery shopping and also get the books I need from the library. I will jog 20 minutes cook lunch and dinner and go to work. I will also develop the roll of film. If I have time, at work, I will complete the English class that I am doing because I am almost done.

Take care !



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