Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I fly back to Los Angeles, today and I go right back into work. I’m happy to be back in the grind. The first thing I need to do is go grocery shopping and clean my place. If my huge bag of spinach and all of those tomatoes didn’t spoil by now, I will be surprised. It will be a blessing though, because I hate spending money on food and then throwing it away.

Yesterdays shoot went by a lot better than I initially thought. She is absolutely stunning. What the heck was my problem !? She was very nice, and looking back at the photos, everything about her is just beautiful. Her lips were, her breast just popped out and were obviously huge. We got a lot of good shots, and I liked the shoot. I can wait to see the ones I have on film. She told me to text her next time I am in Chicago. I will. My mom saw me looking at her photos. She told me that she looked Russian. A light bulb suddenly went off in my head. I took a second look at the girl and said to myself, “Wow ! She’s right.” Through an email conversation I was having with the girl, I asked her her nationality and she told me that she was 100% Polish. Something about that made me like the shoot even more and I regretted not being more present at the shoot. Either way. I really enjoyed it and appreciated it. She was nice, and we did a good shoot. She was stunning !

What’s my problem? I don’t even know how to describe what my problem is. Every time I look back at the photos, I keep seeing how stunning she is. It’s like. she has a look that I should have enjoyed and appreciated a lot more at the time when we were shooting.  I’m going to say that she looks better than the Russian girl I shot with last time. Plus I got the photoshoot I wanted and right at the very end of my trip. I really want to rewind the shoot.

I spent time with mom at night. We got along well. She admitted that we did clash, constantly when I was growing up. I was never close to my mom and this is the longest time I have ever stayed in the same room with her.

I’m contemplating going to this Russian restaurant before I head to the airport, today. Why didn’t I stop in there sooner. It looks so interesting. It’s either that or I wait until I’m dieting in LA for a while and then I’ll try a restaurant–a Russian restaurant. I am sure we have plenty. I really can’t wait to detox. Anyways, I am going to pack up and head out, now. Take care !



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