The Chicago Shoot

I met with her. I am really happy that she came out in this cold weather. She was tall. Her breast were a lot bigger than what she had shown me in her photos. She was a really nice girl. She seemed kind of shy and she needed direction. She was stiff, and not that experienced of a model. I’m not sure what her nationality was. She says she’s white, but when I really look at her and listen to her, I see Mexican 100% I hope she’s not hiding her race.

We got along well, but we didn’t connect, you know. The feeling wasn’t there. A connection is a feeling if you know what I mean, and I never felt it. I think it was because of me, though. I still feel funny after being in this city for a short period of time. Not every shoot goes well any way. I did a shoot with a girl before where we had gotten along but the photos didn’t turn out well. It happens. We got some decent photos, I believe. They’re just not my best.

I admit that I don’t think I’m good at directing models. I never really direct or think about directing. But actually, a lot of times I do direct. But that is because I am comfortable and connected. I wasn’t connected with this girl, and I don’t know why. Our shoot was fast. But we have OK shots. I know my Friday shoot will not be like this. If anything, I’m taking some shots before the shoot to loosen up my personality a little.



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