Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I didn’t hang out with my brother as planned. I changed my mind for two reasons:

1) I really craved a day alone. I am by heart, a loner.
2)The weather was bad. It was raining a bit. I figure that today’s weather would be much better and we can go out and do something if he wants.

So that’s part of my plans, today. After my visit with him, I’m going to go roam some places downtown again. I tried to visit two places, yesterday, but both were closed. One was closed, because it doesn’t open on Fridays. The second place was closed because of protesters. A kid was shot 16 times by police officers a few days ago and people are protesting about it’s wrongness. So after I visit my brother and my real mom, I’m going to go to those museums and maybe I will go to a bar that I have been thinking about. It’s called The John Hancock Center. It’s in a very high building that gives you a total view of the city.

I read my photography book, yesterday. I already know how to do most of the stuff that I have been reading about. I’m going to read the chapter about developing film when I get back home. I can use a review because I haven’t developed film in a while. I have a roll of black and white film that I will use. I will shoot that first and then I will develop the film according to the book’s instructions.  I have a beautiful girl in Newport Beach that I may be able to use it on. I will text her when I get home to see if she can shoot that Saturday. If not, I will just use it for something general.

When I get home from all that I plan on doing today, I’m going to come back to my mom’s house and do a sketch drawing of this girl that I plan on shooting with on Monday. Yes, I have found my girl, and I am 1000% sure about it ! She is absolutely gorgeous and is the most perfect look that I can ever ask for. What a blessing. She is absolutely stunning. She might even be more beautiful than that Russian girl I had shot with a few weeks, ago. Speaking of her, I can’t wait to get back home and develop her pictures. I’m sure the ones I had taken with my film camera.

This girl is tall, and she’s a big girl. She’s not fat; she’s not skinny, but she is just full woman. She has huge breast, beautiful lips and blond hair. She has sparkling hazel/green eyes and her face looks…devious? It’s like a bad girl look or a totally Marilyn Monroe look. They crazy thing is, I have been reading pin-up books, lately and she has the perfect pin-up girl look. God is certainly with me. I’m not sure if I have a hard time finding girls to shoot with, but the one’s I do find end up being stunning, and we get along great. Anyways, I just can’t describe this girl’s beauty.  I can’t wait until we shoot on Monday. I know it will be the best. I will study some past work of other photographers, tonight.

Mom and I got a long well when I got home last night. Maybe I have found a way to tolerate her personality. I’m sure this will be temporary. I will leave soon, since she is up before “bitching” happens.

Oh, also, yesterday I found a place to get some delicious Chicago pizza I had been craving. To me, any place in Chicago is good for pizza. I stopped at a place in a huge and beautiful mall. I bought one big slice. But I was still a bit hungry, and it was so good that I decided that it is better if I get another slice because it will be a while before I get Chicago pizza, again. I wonder how much I have gained. I can’t wait to get back to my clean diet. The detox diet I will do again will feel so damn good, I bet.

I can take a break from doing elevate, doulingo, and memrise today, since I have been on my 5 day streak. I will just read the Bible a bit, read Money Masters, and read about that fling. Also, yesterday, when I suddenly thought about how I can make donattions a part of my budget. 10 bucks a month is not too much to ask for. I will donate that to my favorite radio station. I will use an additional 5 bucks to do charity to somewhere either supporting a friend’s art work or donating to salvation army. So when I am done with this writing. I will look at my budget once more and then I will give the radio station a call.

Anyways, take care Journal !



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