Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Yesterday went by well. I went to the library. It was interesting. I hung around on Michigan avenue in downtown Chicago for a bit. It’s a beautiful tourist spot, and it’s very long. Thinking back, how lucky I was to have a part time job at an Italian restaurant that sat right on Michigan avenue when I was in high school. I had no idea it was a popular tourist spot. I just saw a very beautiful area with sooooo many tall buildings right by the lake, and I was sad that I really didn’t get to grow up there. It bothered me. That was the depression of my teenage years, can you believe that. Id I said that to anyone now, I would sound insane because absolutely no one can afford to live there unless you’re a millionaire or billionaire. The Trump tower is just up the street from where I used to work and near a beautiful river. How could I be depressed about not living there?

After I hung around downtown, I went to the zoo. It was pretty boring because, since it’s cold, alllll of the animals were hibernating or something. I saw absolutely nothing. It was just a free walk in the park. Some people who live in the neighborhood get to drive through there. How beautiful. After that I went downtown, again, and then I went home.

I have to find more interesting things to do. Every one I knew in high school are married with kids or something. Those Bulgarian people I used to hang around with? I kept no one’s contact information so I don’t even know where they are. We didn’t know each other’s full names either.  I’ll hold off on my party shoes because I don’t want my mom to worry or anything. I haven’t been here in a few years and I haven’t even seen the rest of my family, yet. The next time I come, I will stay in a hotel and it will be on ! I know of some other places I will go and look at before I leave. I approached zero girls yesterday. I was very tempted to turn around and catch two really beautiful ones that passed me in the street. I’m almost going to conclude that there are not as many beautiful girls in Chicago as there are in Los Angeles.

So my mom is off today. I will mentally prepare myself to deal with her personality. She wants to take me and my nephew to a museum. I’d rather just take my nephew. I will endure this. She also wants to get something to eat. I am not proud of how I have been eating around here. Why let myself go because I am on vacation? Am I being too loose? Am I being too strict? I’m certainly dieting down from today on out. I’m very concerned about my figure.

I meditated already. I’m not sure if I will do anything after I spend time with my mom and nephew. Maybe not. So I will read an English assignment, do duolingo, do elevate, do memrise, sketch a pin-up girl, look up some photographers, read a chapter in my photography book. Oh, I went on a dating site and started talking to a local girl. Maybe we’ll meet. I’ll also make it a point to approach three girls minimum next time I am out alone. It should be a fun and interesting adventure. I have a few places I want to check out. I looked at a list of things to do online.

Take care, Journal !



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