Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I’m in the mood for writing, now, so I am writing to you a bit early I suppose. I have a lot of energy now that I am on vacation. I wake up really early here–about 6am. I woke up today…yikes ! I realize I didn’t meditate. I guess I will do it before bed–no big deal. So I woke up, today, I played Chess on my phone, read the bible, had a bowl of cereal, coffee, and I had that chocolate wine. I guess  like it now. I took a shower and then I started doing stuff on the computer. People my age or younger prefer the computer rather than the TV, it feels like.

I checked my email messages, because I am at it already. I met a girl online, and we are talking about a time, maybe Monday morning, to meet up and photoshoot 🙂 She said we should meet at 8am. I’m happy about it, but it’s fine if we don’t. It’s either I meet up with her and shoot and then I photograph the city or she flakes, and I just photograph the city and maybe even try my hand at meeting a random girl in the streets, bar, coffeeshop, etc.

I decided to take a writing class, online, at an online school called Saylor.org. I want to learn how to write better. I don’t know if that’s weird or boring. Learning things is more of my entertainment rather than watching TV. My mom has a TV here with infinite channels and I haven’t turned it on once. Maybe that’s good for me or maybe it’s not. Does it make me too serious of a person? What does it mean to be too serious?

I’m doing English 101 at the school It’s easy, so far. I went through a whole chapter, already. I don’t know. I’m glad that I am doing it. My goal, that I made in October is to take a year and make myself as valuable as possible. Which means that I intend to learn a lot of things in any subject that will help contribute to my cause. So that means I’ll take wordpress classes. I took a course on Lynda.com. I learn a lot on there I suppose. I’m going to read the entire “WordPress For Dummies” book when I get back. I finished HTML & CSS classes on both Khan Academy and Codecademy, but just to drill it into my brain, I’m going to take it once more on Lynda.com while also tweaking my own website. So far, I’ve only used HTML and CSS to make the homepage. I will continue practicing my photography and reading photography books, and I’m going to learn to write. That’s like being a student all over again, perhaps. But I think that that’s what you supposed to do in life. It’s good to continue to learn, so I’m not weird.

I keep thinking of things I plan on doing when I get back to LA. The city is really huge and beautiful. I will go back to doing hikes in Fridays. I guess it will not be so bad if I explore food once a month. My mom eats out a lot. She really enjoys here life here in Chicago, it looks like. There is no way that I would ever eat out somewhere two days in a row in LA. I’ll panic. I’m restricting my spending while I am here. I don’t care to eat out so much. I do want to go back to experience the Jerk chicken without my mom’s stress and yelling. There is something about that place that attracts me. I want to eat that Jerk Chicken meal and then go to Dusable museum, in that order. I’ve never had Jerk Chicken in LA. There are so many Jamaican places here. South Chicago has a lot of Jamaicans that live here.

Anyways, take care, Journal.

Google is my professor
Wikipedia the checker
Checking my account
Logging in and logging out
We are the now generation
We are the generation now
This is the now generation
This is the generation now
I want money



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