Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by OK, I guess. I’m home here at my mom’s house. She’s in the kitchen talking to her friend right now. I’m having some sort of chocolate espresso wine. It’s definitely a type of wine to get used to. It taste like medicine until then. Ahh…second sip taste a lot better. That’s weird. It’s snowing a lot here. It’s also hard for me to concentrate with writing because my mom has a loud voice. I don’t plan on being with her the whole time I am in Chicago. Come Tuesday, I am ditching her. I will spend Monday and Tuesday exploring Chicago alone. I would disappear Wednesday too, but I want to help out a little for Thanksgiving.

I just took a break from writing and came back from the store with her. I’ve been with her all day, today. I woke up a lot earlier than she did. I meditated and I read some of a book that a friend of mine wrote and I also read some parts of the Bible. I’m on the book of Deuteronomy, now. I love the stories I am hearing in the Bible. I have to right some of these lessons down so that I can remember. I played Chess on my phone. When she woke up, we watched a bit of a TV show. We went to eat a jerk chicken meal at a Jamaican restaurant that is near by. The food was good, but she yelled and complained about it. She was even rude and mean to the waiter. She always finds something to yell and complain about all day long. That’s why I always hated being around her. IT

I hate when people complain about things, in general, these days. I can say that I don’t do much complaining myself. I find that it will only leave me miserable. But having to listen to people is just ridiculous. It’s like no one is happy and everyone has these petty complaints.

Anyways, on Monday, I’m going to go around and do photos and I’m going to the Lincoln park Zoo. I’m sure that will be a good day.

Anyways. Take Care, journal I think I might watch Gremlins movie, now.



5 thoughts on “11/21/15

  1. It’s your mom, you got used to it, so I guess you knew that it’s gonna come eventually. But yea, complaining is rude a lot, take it from the position of the waiter, he/she had a long day, people yelling, always having some complain in their sleeve, you have to be pretty good at handling the work with people. Anyway, I hope that the photos will be interesting as usual (maybe try some snowy area, haven’t seen the snow for sooo long -_- ) and also that you’re gonna have a nice thanksgiving 🙂 . Nice picture by the way!

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