Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today is OK. It’s my first day in Chicago, really. I will not include yesterday. I just flew in, yesterday. The flight was very very cheap, and the plane ride was not bad at all. I only paid $180. Usually I pay at least $400. I used this new Airlines that had just come out not so long ago. Their goal is inexpensive flights. They have a bad rating, but my experience was good. The seats are not the most comfortable. But it’s pretty crazy; all the times I paid $500 bucks or so for a ride to Chicago…I would always have a layover and the flight took about 6 hours. Spirit Airlines, however, got me there without a layover, and the flight was 3 hours ! That is not bad at all. I’m going to use them over and over, again. I want to visit my friend in Hawaii, next.

So I flew in yesterday. I took the train to my mom’s neighborhood, and she drove me the rest of the way. She is very happy to see me. Things have changed, I think. Or maybe they have always been good, and I’ve just been an ungrateful little bastard. I have been an ungrateful bastard. My childhood was not bad at all. Sure I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago– a very rough area, but when I turned 15 or so, my mom moved to South Chicago. South Chicago is a very clean and working class area. But hey, I guess most of my life was in that rough area. I’ve only lived in South Chicago for three years before I moved out of Chicago, completely. I guess that’s why I only think about the bad parts. My mom lives in South Chicago, still. The neighborhood is very beautiful. I must be grateful. I recognize that she has worked hard and did her best for us. M brothers and sisters and I have lived good lives because of her. It’s weird that I’m only realizing that, now. So I’m thankful to have a good mom.

She talked my ear off last night. She was very happy and was just trying to talk about things. I don’t think I’m a good conversationalist. I just listened. I was very tired too. I felt better when I woke up this morning. At soon as she left for work, I brushed my teeth and got dressed and headed for downtown Chicago. I just wanted to roam around town alone for a bit. I went to a beautiful park on Michigan avenue. I used to work in a restaurant on Michigan avenue, so I’m glad to go in that neighborhood every time I visit. I just roamed around a bit. I took a few photos at a park called Millennium park. The park is new to me. I didn’t stay there long. While I was there, a girl came and handed me her camera and asked me to take a photo of her. I should have kept a conversation going with her. What a way I could have met someone already ! I just took her photo and gave her back her camera. I think I was more concerned with getting something to eat. Her camera quality sucked by the way. I gotta appreciate my little point and shoot. I had a number of things going through my mind at the time. I felt guilty for being out alone before spending time with my mom, mostly, but my situation was totally normal. I would have died if I stayed in this place all day while she’s at work. She expected me to go out anyways. Staying in would have been just weird.

I just roamed a few neighborhoods. I didn’t go to any restaurants or anything. I stopped by a Trader Joe’s and got a sandwich and some sort of sweet snack. I went to a coffee shop just to try out some plain coffee. It was expensive for no reason. Something told me to go to Starbucks. I can never fail with them. Anything outside of that is a gamble. I only get plain coffee anyways. I don’t care for the sugary fancy ones–no latte’s. That coffee shop did have a bunch of cute girls working there, though. That might be worth a trip back !

I made sure to get in before my mom made it back home from work. I’m going to try and clean up around her apartment a little bit for her. On the way home, I bought some healthy groceries for me. I might make my mom a healthy sandwich if she cares for one. My mom doesn’t have anything I care to eat in her fridge. I might eat veggie burgers with avocado’s and tomatoes the whole time I am here. I’ll only eat the unhealthy stuff when my mom and I go out to eat.

It’s a good thing I went out a bit because I know where I want to go, now. I’ll either go alone or go with my mom. I WILL go to at least one party. I have to. I plan on making lots of trips back here. I’ll keep my party photography network between California, Las Vegas, and Chicago for now.

I have two shoots planned for when I get back. One girl is cute. One girl is just gorgeous ! She’s a Greek girl. I also want to shoot with a Russian girl I had shot with a year, ago. We have been friends ever since. We had a very awesome shoot. We shot in her apartment. She was very free and wild. I was pretty quiet with her until we started drinking Bacardi. She also made herself the weirdest drink ever–Orange juice with beer. I want to put up a photo from the shoot we did o this wordpress so bad. Maybe I will start doing that. There is nothing to be private about, really.

Anyways, take care Journal.

ahhh….one thing before I take off. I’m almost tempting to ask that Hispanic girl who stood me up, “What happened !?” There is no reason to give up so easily, right? Maybe it slipped her mind. This though came up when I just noticed an old photo I had of her on my facebook. But I can just meet someone else I like and let it go. At this point it’s too late to say anything about it, perhaps.



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