Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today was just another lazy day for me. Or should I call it a much needed vacation and some rest I needed. After work, I slept just in time for me to make my lunch and dinner and, also just in time for me to pack for Chicago. I’m not bringing much–just a few outfits. I’m already packed. I’m excited about it. A part of me will miss being in California, though. I like the struggle and the effort I am putting into things here. I do plan on traveling a lot, so I might as well get used to it. I’ll start off with more trips to Chicago and Las Vegas. I need to do party photos other than the small section in Los Angeles that I frequent.

I’ll try and get along with my mom. We usually don’t get along, but I have a feeling that things will work out this time. I’m honestly glad the boyfriend is dead. I hope she finds someone better next time around. He was horrible.

Yeah, so this will be a great trip. I’ll be good with my family. When things settle down and they ask me why I’m not going outside, I’ll go outside and try and meet girls and attend some cool parties. I’ll roam the city like I used to when I was a teenager, but this time I’m taking photos. Hopefully I meet a girl in the street and have her model on the spot.

Anyways, take care, Journal.



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