Dear Journal,

How are you  feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well or not well. I don’t know how to judge it. I can say I did absolutely NOTHING, again ! I came home from work. There was no power, so I was kind of worried about that. Strong winds and the palm trees knocked the neighborhood’s power out, I think. It was very cold this morning, and the wind was very strong. I hated it. My place was cold. I need to buy a space heater ASAP. I went to my old place from a few years ago to see if they still had one I bought years ago. Of course they didn’t.

I thought I was going to have to do a photoshoot, today, but after checking my text, it says that she said she’ll confirm with me on Sunday. She  didn’t. It was whatever with her. I wasn’t very enthused to shoot with her, but I still would have if she wanted. Overall, I’m satisfied with photoshoots for now. I am very very disappointed with myself for standing that girl up last Sunday, though…or Sunday before last. I still want to contact her and explain myself. Should I? She seemed like she was really nice. Plus she was gorgeous. It sort of kills me. I keep thinking about how perfect she looked for the spot and the kind of images we would have taken.

So let’s talk about today. Do you want to hear it again? I woke up. I called a place to schedule something that I have to do for work. I had breakfast–mixed berries with ground flaxeed and cinnamon(Yum !) and coffee. I was supposed to have tea, but I opted for coffee. I watched a final episode of an old TV series about drug addicts called “The Corner.” It’s really depressing to watch. Now I have to find a happy show. After that, instead of exercising, instead of coding or anything like that, I went back to sleep allllll the way until it was time for me to go to work. I woke up at the very very last minute and got dressed. I ate absolutely nothing all day except the mix berries. When I got to work, I made a bowl of grapenut cereal.

I’m going to find a little time to code and such at work since the job allows it. Maybe I’ll do that and read a little of Henry Horenstein’s “Black & White Photography.” I want to do in dept study of black and white film photography again. I tried to read Ansel Adam’s “The Print”, but it was extremely boring for me and maybe to advanced. Henry Horenstein’s book is for beginners. And it may be what I need to go back to since I haven’t studied black & white film in a bit. I may just read three of his books for now.

Anyways. I’m going to do some coding now for about 20 minutes or more. Catch you later.

I may even send an apology to that girl I stood up. It never hurts to see what happens, you know.



3 thoughts on “11/16/15

  1. I recommend series called Mr. Robot- it’s not happy at all because of the whole darkness and shady behaviour and twisted mind of the main character ( I know you wanted something happy😄) but it is totally worth of watching! 😊👌🏻

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