Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. Today went by well, I guess. I woke up 30 minutes later than my alarm. I meditated for 15 minutes, I had coffee, and then I got dressed and went grocery shopping. The grocery shopping was a mission. The only store I like to buy my vegetables from is in an old neighborhood that I used to live in that is pretty far from me now. I am doing a 3 day Tea Detox diet just before I see the girl on Friday. I really hope she doesn’t cancel. I hope I don’t choke up and get quiet. I hope the conversation leads to the right place. I figure that this detox diet will make me feel pure and beautiful by the time I see her. Though, I’m not doing the diet 100% It will be tough and I will starve. So when I get a bit hungry. I aim for a nutrigrain bar or some coconut sprinkled dates in between. It’s still healthy, and I will still lose weight. I have to keep a special diet going. Otherwise my eating will be a mess, and I don’t like that. I already feel great and I just started today. For breakfast, when I got back from groceries, I had a cup of mixed blackberries and raspberries with cinnamon and flaxeed mixed with it. It was delicious and I felt good right. I did dig in the groceries and eat a few of those dates on the way home, though. I will try not to eat too many of them during this three day ‘detox.’

I woke up to a good morning text and a smiley face from the girl I shot with yesterday. But she was just letting me know to send the photos when they are ready. I did think about her a lot. Fantasies are already popping up. She seemed like she was a really nice girl. She seemed very soft and had the most beautiful smile I had ever looked back on. I try not to think too much because she’s married. I didn’t get to edit like I wanted to. I don’t really care for the digital ones, honestly. I want to see the film ones. Hopefully I can finish the roll this week. I plan on meeting up with a girl this Saturday to photoshoot with her as well. I met this girl in front of a bar three years ago. We have been talking about shooting together off and on for the past few years, but am just now meeting to do so. She is also a beautiful blonde. This shoot will be awesome. Anyways, I’m sure that beautiful Russian girl will want to shoot again. She said so.

I have still been drained of energy. I was very tired ever since I woke up, today, and I don’t know why. I blame the Ashwaghanda, so I quit taking it. It may be good for others, but it is just not good for me.

I can’t believe that this is my personal journal, but it seems to be a long story about all the girls I meet, no?

I don’t think I’m going to practice any coding, today. I’m going to read money Masters and read chapter 4 of this photography book.

I think I’ll finally call that girl I met Saturday night. I absolutely love the selfie of herself she sent me. Anyways, take care journal.


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