Friday Fictioners (I’m Wired In)

Maybe I’m just wired here. It’s my mission in life to be. I can only be strong about it. It’s better than being sad about it. I’ve tried to get out of it countless times. I am a slave to it. Each time it was like I see the light coming in from a door that had been closed for years. I would run to it, only to have it shut fast before I made my escape. The love mission is difficult. Each time I see her standing there with her arms open, ready to hug me tightly, she disappears.

Photo Credit: Connie Gayer

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5 thoughts on “Friday Fictioners (I’m Wired In)

  1. Hmm, interesting.
    I am not sure what is happening here, it seems rather Kafkaesque.
    But well done, food for thought.
    And I think you mean ‘it’ and not ‘a’ before ‘shut fast’.

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