I guess I’m making this early post because I can’t fucking sleep.

I can blame it on this story:

I just cant  go to bed  on an empty stomach, so to  keep it healthy, I made a peanut butter sandwich with one piece of bread. Long story short. I made two of them, at this point and with an entire bottle of wine. I blame too much honey, though. I recently found out about cinnamon and honey tea; I tried to make it for myself after work, but I noticed I put way too much honey. I can guarantee you that the honey is keeping me awake.

Anyways, I’m up. I checked my messages already. My beautiful honey agreed on our meeting. She is the type of girl that does what she says 100% That may be why I like her 100% She seems to be just as excited about it as I am. I’m telling you Journal. I think she is it. All it takes is an actual meeting to observe facial expressions and body language, and whatever intuition I have in raw time.

As far as me not being too sure about partying anymore. That’s a big no no. While downing this bottle of wine for bed, I’m already excited about the party tomorrow.

Dear girl,
I’ve been watchin you like a hawk in the sky
Why are you on my brain?



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