I Miss Her

Dear Journal,

I felt the need to write this again. I am mildly disappointed in myself, but I am mildly happy at the same time. I missed that girl so much and am so happy to see her again that I am forgetting about my appointments with the models. Now they’re the ones asking me if we’re still going to meet up and are receiving a very delayed response. I could be genuinely busy though, and it has nothing to do with that girl. She is a bit of a mental distraction, though. I miss her pale skin. I miss her big and round sparkling brown eyes. I miss her cute blushes when she likes something I have to say. I miss that extra long hair. I didn’t contact her even though I missed and thought about her so much, and now she’s come to me. I’m 1,000% sure this will work out. But hey, if it doesn’t, you live and learn, you know?

What is wrong with me at this point?

I’m going to email these models back. I can’t believe I’m not so prompt with them.

See yah.


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