My lunch consisted of the following:

5 pieces of (jumbo?) quality shrimp with the shell. I forgot how good they tasted with the shell.
half of a tomato
little bit of organic whole wheat pasta
some crushed garlic
olive oil
sprinkles of thyme.
black pepper
little bit of garlic salt
some basil leaves

I mixed it all up sort of salad style and I ate it with a cup of white tea.

Dear Journal,

Life is great. I really appreciate such luxurious meals. That meal that I list above of so luxurious to me. It was freaking delicious and I made it with my bare hands. The smell of the rosemary; The smell of the basil leaves; I just love it. I will think about it for days. I am thankful that I can make such a meal. I youtubed basil after and watched a bunch of basil videos. Food is precious. I love food.

It’s hard for me to write about what I was going to write about her after talking about food. One thing that is crossing my mind is that I am always in an extremely calm mood. I was in such a calm mood one time when I was going to meet her in a few days that one guy verbally stated that I seem ‘so’ calm. That’s the mood I’m in now. I’m meeting up with all these other girls, but she’ s the one that matters. She’s the one that I’m not going to use any strategy with. I’ll be as real as possible. So how should I tell her that I like her? I definitely have to let that be known ASAP with no time wasted. It’ll happen naturally because I’m sure she likes me too. That, I am very sure of.

What’s with my hype? You don’t know how much I thought about her these months. I would go to a new place and suddenly think about her, “Yeah, she would like this place.” Anyways, maybe my feelings are a little extreme. I’ll let her know none of this of course. I just have to observe her when we meet so I can see where she is coming from. But based off of our history and the fact that she wants to meet again, so readily, I know where she is coming from. She misses me to to some degree. She is curious. Maybe this is even a part of her strategy–a test of hers. She’s like that. She probably wanted to see if I would get mad at her for ignoring me or if I would text her a bunch of times and keep begging, etc. I’m sure that was a part of it. I can tell based off the things we talked about. It’s our conversation topics that I miss. It’s that long 3.5 mile slow walk on a dark and quiet night with me too.

So back to stylelife challenge day 10. What do I want in a woman? What did I write that day anyways? Let me look.

  1. I most think she’s physically beautiful in some way. There must be something physical that attracts me to her. I must be comfortable being out with her in public.

  2. Must have a positive attitude. I don’t like bitchy girls with bad attitudes.

  3. Must be into healthy eating, especially if she wants to really be with me.

  4. Must enjoy the nightlife scene like I do and be an open person like I am. Or be one or the other. Must be curious

  5. Can’t think of anything else. So I’m just going to say that she must be a person I feel warm around.

1 check ! 2 check 3 check 4…Check ! of course she doesn’t enjoy the nightlife scene but she is an open and curious girl. 5…?? OMG check ! ! !

Alright. I’ll stop acting like a girl who met Drake for the first time in her life.

So now that this girl is back…well, I wont say that. I’ll just say that based off what I was observing last week about that porn star. I’m going to say that she is not someone I would want to be with. I don’t like her after getting to know her. She is a nice girl but she … I don’t know. I just don’t like her. She did something to me anyways. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow morning. I promise.

I tend to draw spiritual girls to me. Katsumi was very spiritual. We were “white on rice.” My German friend is very spiritual. I have something to write about her too. I’m totally down to meet up with her now, and any negativity I had in the past was the result of my own thinking and doing. Let’s see how we work out. She may call me, tonight.

Well that’s all I will write, now.
Today I’m going to get intoxicated, go stare at beach water and go to a friend’s house party.


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