C is for Cats !

Hi Journal,

I’m back. The weekend is coming and I want to have a story prepared for Superhuman Social Skills — the art of story telling. I’m on the letter C, now.

The set up:

When I was a kid I had a cat named Angel. We lived in a high rise apartment building and she loved to go outside a lot and she loves to sit on the window seal.

The build up:

She had a boyfriend that came to our apartment a lot, by the way. We adopted him and he ended up being my favorite cat. They had kittens together. He dies eventually, though because some ghetto kids beat him up.

Anyways, Angel used to sit on the window seal. One day she jumped and missed, but she survived ! But, ever since then, whenever we brought boys around that she wasn’t familiar with her hair would stand up and she would attack. She never attacked girls

We moved to a new neighborhood and brought only her and her daughter with us.

The pay off:

One day my brother and I brought a guy we had met at school home with us. It was only us three. I noticed some strange body language from her and her daughter. I was boiling hot dogs, at the time. They started off hissing at us with their hair standing up, and then they attacked us. My brother and the friend quickly locked themselves into our bedroom. I climbed the highest cabinet. We were held hostage, basically until my sisters came home. My hot dogs were burning for hours. They never attacked girls.


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