Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. My week has been excellent. Ever since I wrote out a sort of mini life plan–what I should be doing this year, I have really been on top of things. I just got done meditating. I’m a little late, though. I ended up having to do it on this bus on my way to class.

I have nothing to say really. I bought a plane ticket to Chicago, so that I can see my family during the holidays. I’m lucky and thankful that I found a ticket for really cheap–only $180.00. I have plenty of money left over this pay period. I’ll do my best to save it and not blow of on anything.

It feels weirs talking to my mom sometimes. Maybe I’m just too sensitive, so I won’t let her get to me. Our conversations flow like…this is an example:

Me: “Oh, I’ve been fine. I started taking martial arts again.”

Her: “Well, martial arts won’t beat a gun.”

Completely negative ! How can she say that?


“I’ll be home for such and such time.”

Her: (and not a very pleasant sounding tone over the phone):

“They let you take off for that long?”

Why does that matter? I haven’t been home in almost five years. So negative.

Am I being sensitive here?

The most comfortable women I have in my life right now are two girls I met off yahoo answers. We have been talking for years. One in which I’m very close with used to live right around the corner from me and wanted to meet me so bad. She had always been trying to arrange and telling me where she’s at at some event and telling me to come, but I would never show up. It hurt her a bit I can tell. We still talk and have been talking on a daily bases for nearly ten years. We moved from yahoo answers to each other’s Facebook and email. I’m not as close to the other girl. We talk and text enough, though. We went from yahoo answers to Facebook then to each other’s phone numbers and Instagram. She’s nice, though. We’ve been talking for ten years for sure. I’m thankful for that. They respond to my messages with dedication it seems. One is married and one is engaged now, though.

Well, I guess I’ll stop here because I want to get back to reading.

Take care !

some people want it all
but I don’t want nothing at all.
But everything means nothing if I ain’t got you, baby.
Some people want diamond rings.
But I don’t want anything .
Everything means nothing
If I ain’t got you.



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