10/20/15 (My ideal Woman)

Dear Journal,

How are you feeling? As for me, I’m fine. I’m taking this moment to finally do part of my Stylelife Challenge day 10 and write about my ideal woman. This is something that I have never done before.

  1. I most think she’s physically beautiful in some way. There must be something physical that attracts me to her. I must be comfortable being out with her in public.
  2. Must have a positive attitude. I don’t like bitchy girls with bad attitudes.
  3. Must be into healthy eating, especially if she wants to really be with me.
  4. Must enjoy the nightlife scene like I do and be an open person like I am. Or be one or the other. Must be curious
  5. Can’t think of anything else. So I’m just going to say that she must be a person I feel warm around.

Stylelife Challenge ask you to list five things you will like your girl to possess. I did this, above, to the best of my ability. I doubt, when I am out in public, I will not be looking for these things. Or maybe I will. Beauty is always a heavy bait, though. i don’t know. If I see a really pretty girl eating a bag of Cheetos when I notice her, I doubt I’ll be less attracted to her. I will calibrate this list, later. I really need to think about it so I know, firmly, what I want. Maybe I do already, and I can tell during the flow of the conversation. I don’t know anything about that porn star, yet, besides her beauty, there is something that just draws me to her and makes me like her a lot. I don’t know anything about her. I know that she’s talented. She has experience. I can see some disappointment in her. She seems to be disappointed in men. I don’t think she likes doing the job she does, now. I think she has met many weak men in her life–both dating and work related. I sense that she desires love and a strong man. I like her body shape. Her face is not the prettiest to me. I think she has an older face than her age, but it wears a sort of wisdom. I like her hair color and the style it’s in. I like the shape of her eye’s a definitely the shape of her lips. I’m very curious about her. Maybe she’s curious about me too. She never directly talks to me. She acts weird around me, it seems. She talks to all the other guys. She only gives me a big thank you when I leave saying “Thanks for being such an amazing photographer.” I like the way she says thank you. It’s like a finally type of thank you, you know. I like her. But I’ll let faith and nature do their thing. I’m certain that I like her for real for real because I’ve been thinking about her since I met her. I even met that other porn star, who looks much better than her and is younger and was flirting with me(our video of us having a sexual conversation is pretty awesome, though!), yet I still thought of her and liked her much better. OK, back to Stylelife Challenge.

List 5 deal breakers:

  1. If a fight breaks out, she’ll want to record it with her cell phone.
  2. She’s traditional and religious.
  3. She’s ugly
  4. She gossips too much and talks badly about too many people.
  5. Why is the last one always the hardest?…She can’t be disrespectful. I don’t ever want a girl to use me or disrespect me.

The deal breakers were much easier to write about. Anyways, I’m going to stop writing here. I’ve been fine in case you’re wondering, though. I’ve been meditating every day no matter what, and I’ve been exercising a lot outside of class. I’ve been keeping up with doing photos. I’m actually going to email a girl I used to shoot with all the time. She’s gorgeous too, and she’s very nice to me. I haven’t talked to her in a while, though so I hope it’s not too random. I’m looking for a girl to shoot with in a city I went to this Saturday.

Take care. Hope I find the right girl !



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