Story B

Hi, Journal !

Still keeping up with the A-Z stories. Real quickly, I’m going to write one for the letter B


Hmmm…this is difficult. I can’t think of anything in my life that has started with the letter “B”

I think I may have to sleep on this for a minute.

Back to Shiadah! (real girl, made up name)

I lived in a 4 girl roommate situation a house once. It was a fun situation. I got along great and hung out with all of them, but there was one that I used to hang out with all the time. We were always together, watching movies or just in her bedroom talking and watching movies even.

All of this stuff was her request. My roommates teased us and said we were together. I was always curious if the girl liked me or not. I remember asking one of my roommates, “Do you think she likes me?” “Yes! You can’t tell?” She replied. But Shiadah had a unique personality. She was beautiful and all, but she had attitude and you wouldn’t have wanted to piss her off. She was loud. I started to like that about her. I loved listening to her rants and the bad attitude that was displayed in them. Somewhere during the time we lived together, she started to get on my nerves. I started to ignore and avoid her. Shortly after that, I moved out on my own. I didn’t even say “bye” to her really.

After living on my own for about a year, I started to miss her so much. I visited an old friend who knew her number. He gave it to me, and I called. She was excited to hear from me, and she wanted me to come over immediately. We hung out one day. She kind of hinted that she wanted a kiss or something when we hugged, but it was brief. I questioned it, and I didn’t get it. We hung out again. This time we drunk a few beers and watched movies together throughout the night. I told her that I shouldn’t drive and that I would sleep on the couch. She told me that I should sleep in her room. When we got to her bedroom, I told her that I would sleep on the floor. She asked me to get in her bed so that she could show me something on her laptop. She talked to me for hours. She really wanted me to make a move but it took me months for that realization to dawn on me. She talked my ear off until 7 in the morning. I never made a move. I didn’t get it. When I left her, she looked disappointed. She didn’t want to talk to me for a long time.

I’ll get better at these. But I think my background, buildup, payoff is there.

Read Tynan’s “Superhuman Social Skills!”

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